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What’s Inside Kasich’s Budget Bill: The Education Stuff

Gov. John Kasich’s budget bill lays out more details of his new, proposed funding formula for Ohio schools as well as more details about how he wants to expand Ohio’s voucher programs.

It includes big changes like requiring low-performing schools to turn some state money over to outside providers to educate students, expanding the state’s existing parent trigger law that allows parents vote to transform low-performing schools and giving charter schools money to pay for school buildings.

It also includes smaller changes like eliminating elected boards for regional educational service centers, making it easier for charter schools to apply for state and federal grants and adjusting school financial reporting requirements.

Below, we have excerpted the main section of the budget bill dealing with K-12 education and highlighted some of the interesting parts. The bill can be found in its entirety here.

State Budget Bill: The Education Stuff


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