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State Board of Education President Debe Terhar Apologizes for Hitler Post

Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

State Board of Education Debe Terhar apologized today for a message she posted on her personal Facebook page.

State Board of Education President Debe Terhar apologized today for posting a wrongly attributed quote from Adolph Hitler related to gun control on her personal Facebook page.

But the state board voted 10-6 against removing her from her position as president.

Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen reports:

Democrats demanded Terhar’s resignation, but they didn’t get that at today’s Board of Education meeting. However, they did get her most public apology yet.

As a few dozen of her critics looked on, Terhar told the board, “I sincerely apologize for and truly regret my hasty action”

“It was never my desire or intention to offend anyone at any time. I fully realize the sensitivity of the issue at hand and I was wrong to re-post something that could ever be perceived as insensitive by anyone,” Terhar said.

While some board members called for Terhar to resign from the board or from her post as president, Terhar told colleagues she never considered doing so.

The Ohio Department of Education initially denied a public records request from the Ohio Democratic Party seeking text messages Terhar sent regarding the matter, saying the messages did not exist.

After the party pointed out a text message from Terhar related to the post had been published in the Cincinnati Enquirer and filed a lawsuit over the record, the department found and released that text message and other records.

Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Jerid Kurtz said the party is in the process of determining whether it believes additional text messages exist.

Note: This article has been updated to remove the word “withheld” from the phrase “withheld records” in the second to last paragraph.


  • http://www.facebook.com/ron.thornbury Ron Thornbury

    Please report the voting record as I feel it is important for people to know who stands with Madam President Terhar on gun control as it relates to school safety issues (her comment supports the right to carry assault weapons to deter the threat of a tyrannical government, not to protect the lives of innocent people). I was outraged by her choice to take a political stance when school employees lost their lives trying to protect children. I wondered what I would do if I was a teacher at Sandy Hook.

    • Larry Crist

      I would hope you would choose to be armed at Sandy Hook (as a teacher) and take down the brat who did the killings, before he could’ve killed anyone. That’s what hero’s do. That wasn’t a political stance sir, that was a factual stance that DEBE took and God Bless her for speaking out. You are wrong when you say that weapons “only” deter the threat of a tyrannical government, there are many instances where they’ve been used to save lives as well. It’s your MEDIA that doesn’t cover those stories to protect THIS president.

  • Hannah

    Debe is allowed to have a personal opinion. Shame on everyone who has bullied her for using her first amendment right! The protected class who is targeting her have no problem spewing their bias but are the first to attack everyone who has a different view than they do.! It was a private FB page so get over it!

  • Hannah

    We can’t even be certain that Sandy Hook happened the way they said it did so stop beating up this poor woman for her private opinion. You are the ones spewing the hatred. Stop bullying people over their constitutional right to free speech!

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