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#ohedchat Takes on the Common Core

Next year, all Ohio schools are expected to have fully implemented the Common Core, a new set of standards for what students are expected to know and be able to do in math and English.

The Common Core comes with a new set of all-online standardized tests that will replace Ohio’s current paper-and-pencil tests.

During this week’s #ohedchat, Ohio educators shared how they’re preparing for the Common Core.

Some #ohedchat Lessons on the Common Core

#ohedchat Lessons on the Common Core

Next year, all Ohio schools are expected to have fully implemented the Common Core, a new set of standards for what students are expected to know and be able to do in math and English.

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Teachers and administrators are working to shift how and what they teach as they transition to the Common Core. 
A1:Crosswalks looking for gaps in our current curr but fascinated that some think ccs=new textbooks not new instruc practices #ohedchatKristine Quallich
#OHedchat A1: Teachers are meeting as collaborative teams and creating curriculum walks from their current set of standards to #CCSSRobert Dodd
Forest Hills – curriculum maps within tier I instruction based on #CCSS & giving teachers time to plan in PD days and delay starts #ohedchatB Buck
Big challenges remain.
A3: Time is the biggest issue. Finding time; crunch time; time before assessments; time to reflect; time to learn #ohedchatChristina Hank
A3: I think challenge is getting teachers to seek out resources that will help with transition & being willing to change a little #ohedchatMelanie
A3. Coordinating the hand-off of skills between grades and finding the chunks of time to really dig into the work. #ohedchatChad Lemon
A3: biggest challenge I see is teachers overwhelmed with too many things placed on them all at once. Evident in SLO pd I saw today #ohedchatTom Kitchen
@JR_evans I’m afraid the biggest challenge will be in having the tech to do the assessments. #ohedchatMichael Roush
The year after schools shift to the Common Core, they’ll also switch to a new series of standardized tests. These new tests will be taken entirely online and replace current paper-and-pencil state tests. Schools are incorporating more technology to improve learning and to prepare for the new tests.
A1: We have also implemented 4-5 Technology classes. Emphasizing ELA integration and preparing for when testsssss go online. #ohedchatJeremy Evans
#ohedchat A1 implementing classroom sets of net books in sciences, high school physical science trying paperlessRich Evans
@M_Bloom #ohedchat We added about 40 additional Wi-Fi access spots and are working getting fiber ran to our building.Robert Dodd
@KentPolen Moving toward digital textbooks is the direction we’re moving, but how long to wait for quality aligned content? #ohedchatShelly Vaughn
But some of the changes required by the Common Core are making teachers nervous.
A2: Sorry late to the party. ELA standard where 7th grade students need to publish work on internet is making people nervous #ohedchatRyan McLane
Some schools are changing how they provide professional development, or PD, to their teachers to prepare for the Common Core. Some schools release students early twice a month to give teachers time to prepare. Others have teachers start work 30 minutes early.
#ohedchat never enough pd time. I try flipping pd also. screencast frontload informational stuff so we can get to the good stuff quickerJoel Moore
#ohedchat Flipping meetings are key – how many of our teacher have twitter to learn as we are now – we need to move their cheese too.B Buck
@principalgibbs Looking at developing individualized PD pathways that build on Dan Pink’s concepts of Autonomy Mastery and Purpose #ohedchatKeith Millard
@RwbEdu #ohedchat I am hosting PD for our district on Thursday on how to use Twitter. You should do the same for your district.Robert Dodd
Schools are working to educate parents about the changes coming. But one thing that didn’t come up during #ohedchat: Concern that students would not be able to handle the new, possibly tougher standards set by the Common Core.
@M_Bloom We are starting a parent curriculum council to inform parents of changes coming. #ohedchatTina Cassidy
A3: The biggest challenge is for me to approach planning differently. About going deeper. Kids can do it, I just need change #ohedchatJeremy Evans
@M_Bloom I’m with @JR_evans: Ss learn despite and in spite of. They will be ok, adults have to do the behind scene work of chnge #ohedchatChristina Hank
Among the resources mentioned during the chat.
@MrsTinaCassidy @M_Bloom Good resource I came across in this area: http://engageny.org/resource/common-core-shifts See link for Shifts for Parents & Students #ohedchatPaul Gibbs
Here are the @oheducation common core resource videos http://po.st/mvFCe5 #ohedchatBrian Page
@principalgibbs Some of the rough development work is here: http://freerangingdieas.blogspot.com #ohedchatKeith Millard
@Ericlowe21 #ohedchat FWIW, I’ve been building a list of Ohio educators on Twitter (it’s a work in progress!): https://twitter.com/M_Bloom/ohioeducatorsMolly Bloom
Our ESC is having a vendor fair in response to districts’ concern about replacing textbooks for common core #ohedchatTom Kitchen
#ohedchat @KentPolen Also, BGSU is holding a digital textbooks symposium for educators on May 1st.Brenda Frankart

About #ohedchat:
#ohedchat is a weekly Twitter chat organized by Ohio educators. Each week’s topic is selected by survey. To join in, log on to Twitter Monday at 9 p.m. and follow the hashtag #ohedchat.


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