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What Gov. Kasich’s 2013 Budget Does for Education

Much of the talk about Gov. John Kaich’s 2013 budget proposal has focused on a new way to divvy up state funding among K-12 schools.

But that’s not all the budget does.

Among the other changes slated to be included in Kasich’s budget legislation:

  • Giving more school districts additional flexibility to move away from traditional salary schedules that pay teachers based on years of experience;
  • Reimbursing schools for purchasing school-entrance buzzers, security cameras and emergency radios; and
  • Eliminating payments intended to reimburse school districts that saw state funds deducted due to students receiving certain private-school vouchers, a measure originally intended as a one-time program.

Also of note, Kasich proposes to increase the base level of state funding for school districts by about 6 percent while increasing spending on testing and accountability by about 19 percent.

Here’s what’s inside the governor’s budget proposal:

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Jon Peterson vouchers for students with special needs would be eliminated. This story has been updated to indicate that a one-time appropriation intended to reimburse school districts that had state funds deducted due to students receiving the vouchers would be eliminated. It has also been updated to clarify that some districts already have flexibility to move away from traditional teacher salary schedules.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patsy-Nomore/100003129642483 Patsy Nomore

    GO AWAY!!! Stop destroying public education !! Since Reagan,in less than 30 years,Republicans have suceeded in lowering the United States from #1 in the world ranking to 26th. WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING THIS ????? Like the teachers in Newtown,teachers are the first and last defense from attackers.Whether they carry guns or a political agenda.

    • Karen

      Get real, Patsy! Greedy teacher unions are what is destroying education!!

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