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Ohio’s New Teacher Evaluations: Lessons from the First #ohedchat

Ohio educators are edgy: State law requires schools to phase in a new way of evaluating teachers, one based at least in part on student performance.

At Monday night’s #ohedchat Twitter chat, Ohio educators took on the topic of these new teacher evaluations.

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  • duckmonkeyman

    Teachers have to understand that the new system does NOT improve schools nor support them. It is based on a questionable application of a multilevel statistical model which is then based on flawed testing systems. The basis can be found in the concept of “stack ranking” employees at major companies – an largely discredited approach to management. The gross mis-application of “value-add” is an emperor with no clothes. The concept had not been validated and would be considered malpractice if education had such a standard for new procedures. What we are seeing is a jump-on-the-bandwagon hysteria largely led by those with interests other than teaching our children. We’ll be cleaning up the damage done for decades.

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