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Sarah Fowler Goes From Egg Farmer to Youngest Ohio Board of Education Member

Courtesy of Sarah Fowler

Sarah Fowler was elected to the state Board of Education in November.

Sarah Fowler, who will soon become the youngest member of Ohio’s state Board of Education, is profiled by Education Action Group, a Michigan-based conservative advocacy organization.

Fowler, 24, was elected to her northeast Ohio district in November, beating lawyer James Collum and scientist John Sans by more than 2-1 margins.

Fowler tells EAG one of her main goals is to help shape new homeschooling regulations the board will consider next year:

While Ohio’s home school laws are fairly lenient already, “it is still a lot tighter on some regulations than other states are[,” she said]. “That’s my overarching goal,” Fowler said. “Is this helping or hurting the parents we are supposed to be servicing?”

That echoes what she told us during her campaign:

I am concerned about government infringement on parental rights. Parents have the God-given right and responsibility to direct their children’s education and I desire to protect their right to choose whatever education opportunity they deem best for their child.

Fowler also tells EAG she wants to counter “liberal bias and indoctrination” in public schools:

Gay rights, Marxist ideals, and other elements of the left’s political agenda have slowly crept into school lesson plans with the help of teachers unions and their allies, she said, and it’s important to counter that influence to provide students with a proper education.

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  • David Davis

    Sarah just got message from respected person up north who is aligned with my values. We have a little market with 70% best guest home school moms. My little girl just got nominated teacher of the year. Had trouble getting position got over qualified dad thought more better told her be a notch better than the rest. She’s exceptional person any suggestions on guidance? Will you ever be down due speeches Dayton, Ohio? Our little market kind of shows our beliefs if like to check whole family works or did work public schools. http://www.LibertyMarketofKettering.com old fashion whole food.

  • bwork

    Yes, we need more students without science educations.

  • freedomwriter

    Sarah, Thank you for the very informative overview of the Common Core Standards Initiative that you presented recently in Cuyahoga Falls. I am appalled that so many states have already approved an initiative that contains a copyright prohibiting any of the standards from being changed. What, praytell, will be the role of our local school boards regarding curriculum, if this national initiative becomes policy? What is driving the apparent shallow approval of this broad base initiative? Could it be big grant money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other special interests?

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