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Read What’s in HB 555, Ohio’s New School Report Card, Etc. Bill

Low-performing dropout recovery charter schools could be closed by the state by 2016 under a new education bill currently moving through Ohio’s state legislature.

The major thing that bill, HB 555, would do is establish new school report cards for Ohio schools and school districts. But it would also make other changes affecting Ohio schools.

Those changes include creating a separate report-card system for dropout recovery charter schools. Those are schools that serve older students who have dropped out of traditional schools. Unlike other charter schools, dropout recovery schools have been exempted from state laws that force other low-performing charter schools to close.

Other changes include:

  • Making the state Board of Education (rather than the state Department of Education) responsible for deciding who can be a charter-school sponsor. (Charter school sponsors are responsible for making sure charter schools follow state laws, perform well academically and manage their finances well.);
  • Establishing a system for evaluating charter-school sponsors; and
  • Allowing Educational Service Centers to sponsor new charter schools outside of the ESC’s own territory.

Update, Nov. 15: You can also read the Legislative Service Commission’s analysis of the bill.

HB 555


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