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Toledo Teacher Fired for Wearing Bulletproof Vest to School

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A Toledo teacher was fired for wearing a bulletproof vest to school.

Brady Hineline, 39, had donned the vest ”for the purpose of surviving the rest of the school year,” according to Ohio Department of Education records. Hineline did not respond to messages left at his home or with his lawyer today.

Wearing a bulletproof vest to school was not the only reason Hineline was fired.

In fall 2010, he used what a Department of Education hearing officer described as “inappropriate language” to discipline a student:

“If you want to act like a punk or you want to act like a thug, you do [it] on the street. Don’t bring it in my classroom. Don’t bring it into our school.”

Hineline also swore within the hearing of other staff and of students and used excessive force to break up a fight, according to Department of Education records.

Hineline worked at Glass City Academy, a dropout recovery charter school in Toledo. The school serves students who dropped out of traditional schools. The state Board of Education is scheduled next week to revoke his license for three months, until January 2013.

A Department of Education hearing officer wrote Hineline should not be punished too severely because he was working in a “sometimes hostile” environment and had not been trained to do things like break up fights. Those duties should have been the responsibility of a trained, licensed law enforcement officer, the hearing officer wrote.

Still, it was the bulletproof vest that got Hineline fired.

The vest was the last straw, the hearing officer wrote.

“If the Respondent [Hineline] perceived himself to have been in harms way, he should have resigned.”

State Disciplinary Report



  • one4cle

    Wow! A teacher fired for trying to mold these students into good citizens, and for protecting himself while in the workplace?
    If my kid was in a fight and a teacher just stood there and watched and waited until individuals trained and licensed in the area of law enforcement showed up, I would have questioned why adults stood around as my student was engaged in a fight which could possibly have lead to serious injury, harm or death to my student.

    Disciplining for unacceptable behavior using words like “punk” or “thug”? Like these kids have never heard that language before!!! These kids are probably talking to the teachers during class and in the halls using the “F” word every day. Not to mention the disruptive behavior that is likely going on in the classrooms. Trying to regain control of a classroom by pointing out unacceptable behavior is a punishable offense? I guess these students will be a part of the 47% and the parents will blame it on the schools for not teaching them how to be good citizens.

    If a bullet-proof vest helps this teacher feel better about walking into the building every day and doing the job he is being paid to do, how can that be wrong? Mr. Hineline is likely one of the rare educators who really does want to make a difference, but the school administrators are too spineless to stand up to these bully students and carry out the mission that the school is there to accomplish.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1215290544 Susan Nunes

    He worked for a charter school, which is a private school that rips off taxpayer money. Because it is a private school, the teacher has NO “due process” rights to keep his job like he would as a regular public school teacher.

    This hearing officer is one employed by the state licensing board, and this is about the teacher’s license. In my opinion, he shouldn’t have had any sanctions on his license.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1148794139 Janet Abraham Kloville

    Maybe he can get the NRA to help his sue to get his job back, or would they only intercede if he had a gun?

  • buckfunt

    Charter schools are a private business that treat their staff like garbage.

    An “answer” to falling test scores; charter schools imbue the icy corporate indifference into the education process and strip all rights away from educators in favor of a better national average.

    Sad to see educators debased and isolated because of spineless administration and corrupt charter shills.

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