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Columbus Teacher Under Investigation for Post-Election Facebook Post

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A teacher in Columbus City Schools is in hot water after writing a post-election message on his personal Facebook page that parents found offensive.

Now, they are pressuring the district to do something about it.

Not long after President Obama had won reelection, a teacher at Linden McKinley High School in Columbus is accused of posting a congratulatory note to a long list of people.

According to News 10 in Columbus, this is what the post says:

“Congrats to those dependent on government, homosexuals, pot heads, Jay Z fans, non-Christians, non-taxpayers, illegals, communists, Muslims, planned murder clinics, enemies of America, Satan you won.”

The message quickly caught the attention of parents at the inner-city school, like Hazel Davis. She says other parents started calling her about the post, and telling her she “needed to get on Facebook to see a post that he had made and once I did that my mouth just dropped,” Davis told News 10.

Spokesman Jeff Warner says the Columbus district is investigating.

The district has no policy on teacher’s use of social media, though it started drafting one a few months ago.

“As public and government entities we have to be mindful of both sides of the equation: The free speech side as well as ensuring that our schools and places of work are places that are respectful of everybody’s viewpoints,” Warner says.

Parents say the post is particularly offensive at a school were nearly 95 percent of students are on the free and reduced lunch program.


  • JDavis

    He is exercising his right to free speech and his work place should be respectful of his viewpoints (as long as he is not sharing these viewpoints with his students, he has a right to his opinion)!

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.baker.1029 Richard Baker

    Agree 1st amendment, you and I don’t have to approve of what he says but it’s his right and a lot of good men have died defending it. Shut the pie hole and worry about something more important.

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