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What It Takes to Get Fired From Your Teaching Job

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Donald Trump does his "you're fired" thing at a 2011 event.

The New Philadelphia Times-Reporter reports that a local school board is moving to fire a sixth-grade teacher who did the following things, according to an independent state investigator:

  • Disregarded his principal’s directives not to use his cellphone during instruction time;
  • Repeatedly called a student derogatory names in front of classmates;
  • Three times entered erroneous grades for a student;
  • Engaged in an angry, boisterous, inappropriate encounter in a public setting;

  • Made an offensive gesture at the superintendent;
  • Answered questions in the investigation with untruthful responses.

The teacher told the Time-Reporter the claims are not true and/or many of his alleged actions were taken out of context.

He plans to sue the district.


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