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Gov. Kasich Delays Filling Open State Board of Ed Seat

Gov. John Kasich has delayed filling a seat on the state Board of Education that has been vacant for more than a month. State law calls for the governor to appoint someone to the vacant seat within 30 days.

There’s no particular reason for the delay or timeline for filling the seat, Kasich spokesperson Rob Nichols said. ”We just want to get the right person,” he said.

The major issues before the 19-member state Board of Education now include questions about the validity of Ohio’s school accountability system and who should run Ohio’s Department of Education.

Former board member Dennis Shelton resigned on Sept. 14. He was appointed by Kasich to fill one of the eight appointed seats on the state board. State law calls for the governor to fill any vacancies in appointed seats within 30 days.

The seven members filling the other appointed seats on the state Board are all Kasich appointees.

Seven of the 11 elected seats are up for election this fall. All seven races are contested.


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