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The Things People Do to Pass a School Levy: Boardman Plans Flash Mob

Via YouTube screenshot

A video posted on YouTube teaches Boardman levy campaign dancers the right moves.

The Lancaster schools came to dance, dance, dance, dance to celebrate passing their first new construction levy in more than 40 years. Now the Boardman schools near Youngstown are hoping to put the power of the “flash mob” to use in getting their own levy passed.

The Boardman levy campaign committee is planning for a flash-mob dance at Friday night’s football game. (Watch this video to learn the right dance moves.)

Yard signs and neighborhood meetings are all nice, but levy campaign Co-Chair Vickie Davis says the levy campaign decided to do a flash-mob dance to put Boardman students at the front of the campaign.

“We want the residents to know how much the kids love this school system, how much it means to them,” she says. A flash mob hasn’t been done in Boardman before, “And it’s something that got the kids excited.”

Boardman passed its last levy in 2003 and is now seeking a 3.9-mill, three-year levy.

As many have noted, flash mobs have come a long way from surprise, privately-planned events with no particular commercial or political purpose, the kinds of things “your mother doesn’t understand or doesn’t approve of.”

Do you think they’re an effective way to convince people to vote for a school levy?



  • keepboardmanexcellent

    Boardman Schools successfully passed their school levy last night!!

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