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2011-12 Ohio School Report Cards

The Ohio Department of Education released some school report-card data for the 2011-12 school year on Sept. 26, and then released additional data (including schools’ state ratings) on Oct. 17. School report cards were originally scheduled to be released in August, but have been significantly delayed due to the ongoing investigation over whether some schools falsified student records.

The department says the released data, below, is still subject to revision.

Scroll down to see how each school performed.

What the columns mean:

  • 2011-12 Rating: Ohio gives public schools and districts one of six ratings based on a formula that includes: standardized test performance; attendance and graduation rates; performance on the statistical “value-added” measure that shows how much students learn in a given year and whether they meet federal No Child Left Behind standards. To make the ratings easier to understand, we have translated the formal ratingsinto letter grades. However, the state does not officially award schools letter grades.
  • 2010-11 Rating: Same as above, but for the prior school year.
  • Performance Index:This measure reflects the achievement of every student, not just those who score proficient or higher. Districts, buildings and charter schools earn points based on how well each student does on all tested subjects in grades 3-8 and the 10th-grade Ohio Graduation Tests. All tests have five performance levels – advanced, accelerated, proficient, basic and limited. The percentage of students scoring at each performance level is calculated and then multiplied by a certain value assigned to that performance level. The multipliers for higher performance levels are larger than those for lower performance levels.
  • Value-Added: Valued-added is a statistical measure that reflects whether students are making a full year of progress in a year of school, regardless of their levels at the start of the year. It applies only to reading and math in grades 4-8. Above” means that students in the district showed more than a year’s worth of academic achievement last year. “Below” means students showed less than a year’s worth of achievement, and “Met” means they showed one year of progress.

2011-12 Ohio School Report Cards (Non-Charters)

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