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Prosecutors say Heffner Acted Inappropriately, Not Criminally

Ohio Department of Education

Stan Heffner is Ohio's former state superintendent of public instruction.

Former Ohio Schools’ Superintendent Stan Heffner may have resigned amidst controversy, but it doesn’t look like he’ll actually face any criminal charges.

Heffner officially stepped down from the state’s top education post last month, following an investigation by Ohio Inspector General Randall J. Meyer. The year-long probe found that last year Heffner testified before Ohio lawmakers on behalf of legislation that would have benefited a testing company with which he had – at the time – accepted a job. Meyer agreed with Heffner’s critics that lobbying for a bill that would benefit your future company is a conflict of interest and an ethics violation.

Franklin County prosecutors say what Heffner did was not appropriate, but it’s also not criminal behavior.

From our colleagues at WOSU:

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien … says Heffner didn’t disclose the apparent conflict to legislators, but it wasn’t exactly a secret.

“It was known to multiple people that he’d had the discussions with the potential employer. In fact, I think he’d given notice to the fact,” O’Brien says.

Heffner also caught criticism for allegedly having state employees conduct his personal business. O’Brien says there wasn’t enough evidence to merit charges.

You can read the entire letter the Franklin County prosecutors sent to Inspector General Meyer below.



  • John S.

    As long as you are a Republican and hand-picked by the Governor, you can apologize and move on to another 6 figure job. I’m pretty sure that teachers in Ohio recognize that Stan Heffner was in the business for his personal gain…..at the taxpayer’s expense.

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