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Let’s Play the Ohio School Attendance Data Rigging Blame Game

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The fingers of blame are pointing every which way as the investigation into whether Ohio schools are improperly manipulating student attendance data to make their state report cards look better unfolds.

Here’s how the blame game is going:

    1. The State Auditor has suggested that the Ohio Department of Education could be to blame. The auditor has questioned whether the department showed a “lack of oversight” in making sure student data was reported correctly.

  1. The Ohio Department of Education, in turn, has said it’s up to school superintendents to ensure the data they send to the state is accurate and follows state reporting rules.
  2. But some superintendents have said the Ohio Department of Education knew about the student attendance data manipulation and didn’t tell them to stop.
  3. See Item 1.


  • duckmonkeyman

    This is a politically motivated witch hunt lead by the Dispatch. If the Rebuplicans can smear public schools and teachers, they can push their agenda of privatizing public education.

    I want to know if the Dispatch and their staff will be held accountable for poor journalism and bias. This is like the Dayton Daily News’ attempt to accuse teachers of cheating on standardized tests because some ivory towered quack said it was statistically impossible to have students improve by any large degree. No proof again, just accusations portrayed as fact.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pam-Tignor/100003735748192 Pam Tignor

      ODE knew, they dont care, whatever makes Ohio look good they will do!!! Schools CHEAT on everything and ODE backs them. My childs state reading assessment was rigged, I reported it to ODE and they did nothing. Cant trust ODE for anything!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pam-Tignor/100003735748192 Pam Tignor

    “Lack of Oversight”? Polite way of saying CHEATING!!! The whole system is corrupt and it all involves MONEY..Shame on all of you for not caring about the education of our children!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kandikturvey Linda Marie Kandik-Turvey

    I have proof that this a big scandal. My 2 grandchildren are involved in the TPS cheating and lying about their count of children. My grandchildren have been robbed of proper Education because of the greed. Now being called whistle blowers, because my daughter and son in law are being blackballed because of this. Where’s the justice? Why do my grandchildren have to suffer, because of many grown adults greediness, lies, cheating the whole system? I’m ready to go to the Media to tell of my strong concern for my grandchilrens future, and how screwed up our public school system really is.

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