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Cleveland’s New “Transformation Plan” Would Bring Sweeping Changes Affecting Teachers, Principals

The changes to state law that Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and a group of Cleveland organizations expect one lucky state lawmaker to introduce next week are supposed to ensure that Cleveland has “more high quality schools for all children.” That’s school district CEO Eric Gordon’s description.

But the Ohio Federation of Teachers, the state parent union for the Cleveland Teachers Union says, “There is nothing in the proposal to benefit students.”

We’ve outlined how the proposed legislation could affect Cleveland schools. Now it’s your turn.

Take a look at the draft legislation for yourself below. We’ve flagged some areas, like the part prohibiting tenure for new teachers and allowing the school district to share future tax levy proceeds with some charter schools.  Oh, and then there’s the part exempting the nonprofit that would oversee this new plan from state public records and open meetings laws.

What other major changes do you see? Will they help Cleveland students get a good education? Let us know in the comments below.

Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools



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