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Ohio Researchers Bring the Xbox into the Classroom

While some schools are deliberately shunning technology, others are embracing it. WKSU’s Jeff St. Clair reports on a group of educators who believe low-tech education doesn’t work for the kids today.

These University of Akron professors want to use the Xbox Kinect, a game console with a motion sensing device that lets the user control the game through movements rather than through a game controller or joystick, to teach students about science:

Psychology professor Phil Allen is one of three University of Akron researchers who’s excited about the Kinect — not because of the latest Michael Jackson dance game, but because of its potential to teach kids about science…

Allen says young kids learn better when they’re allowed to move around, and that doesn’t stop in primary school.

“It happens your whole life, and when you take the motoric part out, you take part of the learning experience out.  And we want to put it back in.”

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