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Citizens United Jumps into Issue 2 Campaign

Politico reports that Citizens United has jumped into the campaign over collective bargaining law Senate Bill 5, which is on the Nov. 8 ballot as Issue 2:

Citizens United, the conservative political organization best known for the eponymous Supreme Court decision that last year altered the nation’s campaign finance landscape, will on Thursday begin blasting six-figures worth of advertisements throughout Ohio in support of limiting most state workers’ collective bargaining rights.

The ad, like other ads and campaign materials in support of Issue 2, focuses on how Issue 2 would affect Ohio schools. The ad’s voiceover says:

[Issue 2] will permit us to pay teachers based on merit, not just on seniority; reward the best teachers for a job well done; reform tenure so we can replace the others.
Unions need the right to bargain for wages, but we parents and educators deserve the right to run our own schools.
Common sense reforms to help our children and grandchildren. Vote “yes” on Issue 2.

Here’s the ad:


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