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Sortable Table: Ohio Charter School Performance and Costs

Read on to use our sortable table of performance and expenditures by charter schools and traditional public schools in Ohio's largest urban districts.

Ohio charter schools in the state’s “Big 8″ urban districts perform about the same as other public schools in those districts — at about three-fourths of the cost.

The view varies by district: In Cleveland, significantly more charter school students are on-grade level than their traditional public school counterparts, but charter schools spend about $4,000 less per student. In Akron, the traditional public school students are way ahead, but at a cost of about $3,000 more per student.

Read on to use our sortable table of performance in Ohio’s largest urban school districts and the charter schools in those districts. (Got questions about how we came up with these numbers? See the data table and notes or leave your question in the comments below.)

Total Expenditures (Adjusted)
Total Expenditures (Adjusted) Per Pupil
% Low Income
% Disabled
% On or Above Grade Level
Average Teacher Salary
Canton Charter Schools$7,897,439774$10,20343%34%43%$27,154
Youngstown Charter Schools$28,392,3982,604$10,90375%29%43%$33,164
Akron Charter Schools$41,603,7264,305$9,66486%24%53%$35,649
Dayton Charter Schools$62,435,2045,848$10,67690%17%52%$39,546
Youngstown School District$84,668,6156,507$13,01290%21%45%$52,920
Cincinnati Charter Schools$75,976,4187,763$9,78770%16%51%$32,738
Canton School District$111,176,3809,830$11,31077%16%61%$56,989
Dayton School District$182,649,40913,986$13,05992%20%46%$52,133
Cleveland Charter Schools$143,221,87314,531$9,85676%14%55%$32,440
Toledo Charter Schools$115,803,95914,905$7,76968%13%63%$31,114
Akron School District$292,385,50323,044$12,68886%19%61%$59,789
Columbus Charter Schools$238,584,36223,318$10,23273%18%56%$32,729
Toledo School District$325,548,10525,194$12,92267%19%60%$54,568
Cincinnati School District$405,580,99732,506$12,47770%21%60%$64,344
Cleveland School District$649,307,60846,676$13,91185%22%48%$66,238
Columbus School District$704,922,78651,309$13,73982%17%57%$64,724
*ALL CHARTER SCHOOLS (IN "BIG 8" DISTRICTS)$713,915,37974,048$9,64174%17%56%$33,067
*ALL BIG 8 DISTRICTS$2,756,239,403209,052$13,18480%19%55%$58,963

Source: Ohio Department of Education; Ohio Auditor of State | Data table and notes


  • Jmoore4802

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm could it be that they have vaery few special ed kids so the costs are lower?

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good point. Looking at the largest urban districts across the state, about 19 percent of students in traditional public schools are identified as disabled compared to 17 percent for charter schools in those districts. But there could be differences in the level of disability for students in each group (ADHD, for example, vs. multiple, severe disabilities).

  • John

    Story on state impact ohio showing charters do as well as traditionals in urban areas despite having less money. http://stateimpact.npr.org/ohio/2011/10/19/sortable-table-ohio-charter-school-performance-and-costs/

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=16802848 Mark Drummond

    Also they pay their teachers significantly less. $39.5K highest charter vs. $52K lowest public.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jvbzook Jeffrey V Brown

    Has anyone done a breakdown of profit vs non-profit?

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