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The Five Things Ohio Teachers Worry About

After holding 18 meetings with Ohio teachers and reviewing about 1,300 of emails, Ohio Teacher Liaison Sarah Dove presents in this draft document the five main areas of concern teachers have about coming changes to the ways teachers are evaluated and paid.

Take look at the word cloud below. The big takeaway: “Teachers need…”

Here are the five main concerns she has identified. As Dove notes, “there is a diverse representation of ideas”:

  • Big Concern #1: Who would / could / should evaluate a teacher under this new system?
  • Big Concern #2: What would / could / should be used to evaluate a teacher (or administrator) under this new system?
  • Big Concern #3: How would / could / should student growth be measured?
  • Big Concern #4: How would / could / should this new system lead to a teacher’s growth?
  • Big Concern #5: How would / could / should my pay change if we move to performance compensation?

You can read the full memo here.

The state Board of Education, which must approve by the end of 2011 the teacher evaluation model that districts will eventually use, is already working with a handful of districts to pilot that model. You can read more about it here.


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