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How Ohio’s Teacher Liaison Separates the Personal from the Professional

Ohio Department of Education

In what she calls her “personal role”, Ohio teacher liaison and former Kasich campaign worker Sarah Dove is a supporter of Senate Bill 5, the law that would limit collective bargaining and replace salary ladders with performance pay, among other things. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you probably know that SB 5 is the target of a repeal campaign.

In an interview last week, Dove said she separates her personal views from her professional role. (Read our story on Dove here.)

“In this role, I don’t work on SB 5 issues. My personal views are my personal views. I’m a voter, so I have a right to those views outside. I certainly would never use this role to advocate for my personal views.

“The reason I advocate for SB 5 is because it’s frustrating for me to see good teachers let go because of finances. It’s frustrating for me to see ineffective teachers allowed to continue (the) status quo and make a lot of money doing it and not being effective with students. I think that administrators need the flexibility to manage the resources they’ve been entrusted with.

“That’s my personal view.”


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