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Gov. Kasich Previews New School Funding Agenda

At a press conference Wednesday regarding the disbursement of Race to the Top funds (coincidentally timed to coincide with the press conference announcing the delivery of petitions seeking to put a referendum on SB5 on the November ballot), Gov. John Kasich said that it was time to re-re-re-examine how schools are funded in Ohio.

Kasich said he is working to develop a new school funding program “based on the need to put dollars in the classroom.” Four times, the Ohio Supreme Court has reviewed school funding in Ohio, and it has repeatedly declared that the funding in unconstitutionally inadequate and unequal.

FYI, Governor:  As the Plain Dealer reports, well over half of the Ohio Department of Education’s share of the Race to the Top funds will go to “external providers” — businesses and nonprofits that supply everything from data expertise to meeting rooms.


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