Getting By,
Getting Ahead

Voices of the New Hampshire Economy

By Danny DeBelius, Becky Lettenberger
and Amanda Loder

It may not always feel this way, but New Hampshire’s economy is doing better than almost anywhere in the U.S. The state’s 5 percent unemployment rate is lower than all but five other states. However, some parts of the state are doing better than others. With its strong high-tech sector and rebounding real estate market, the Seacoast is faring well. By contrast, the North Country is challenged with replacing pulp and paper mill jobs lost years before the recession hit. NHPR’s Amanda Loder interviewed people across the state’s seven regions to get a sense of what New Hampshire’s economic recovery looks like in 2012.

  • What’s your biggest economic concern now?
  • How did the recession affect you?
  • What’s most important for you to be economically successful?
  • What role should N.H. government have in your economic life?
  • What’s your biggest economic challenge in the future?

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Jillian Corey

A Manchester school teacher who was recently laid off

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Joe Skiffington

A Moultonborough builder of expensive lake homes

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Rollie Leclerc

A Gorham mill worker who's back at the mill after a layoff

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Tracie Smith

A Fitzwilliam farmer who sells crops to locals by the share

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Tillman Gerngross

A Lebanon researcher growing his second drug company

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Ed Butler

A Hart’s Location innkeeper who is thinking about retirement

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Assiah Russell

A Portsmouth shop owner who sells hats and jewelry

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