Latest Links: NH Depending More Heavily On Property Taxes, New Market Basket Store Faces Legal Challenge From Hannaford

New Hampshire’s Business And Economic News In Brief

Study: As state funding dwindles, reliance on property taxes increases ”CONCORD – The economic recession and dwindling state aid are causing New Hampshire taxpayers to fund a larger portion of their municipal and school budgets through local property taxes, according to a study released this week. Officials said the drop in financial support from Concord has forced them to make difficult decisions about spending at the local level.” (

N.H. House not likely to support 3-day gas tax break ”Some House Republicans are trying to make the Granite State a destination Memorial Day weekend. They would do that by cutting the gas tax 13 cents a gallon for the three-day weekend. There’s a hitch. The move would cost the state highway fund an estimated $874,000.” (

Can An Automatic, Pellet Boiler Lure Consumers Away From Heating Oil? ”A pilot project in Berlin is helping homeowners get sophisticated boilers that are automatically fed wood pellets. The idea is to persuade people throughout the region that they can save money and say goodbye to oil while bolstering the region’s forest economy.” (

Market Basket nearing completion in Manchester ”MANCHESTER — Market Basket plans to open its new, 100,000-square-foot supermarket at 460 Elm St. in early spring, but a legal challenge has limited its store project in Bedford to site work.” (


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