Latest Links: City Retirees From Mass Look For Town Jobs In NH, Hampstead Fire Chief Owes State $80,000

New Hampshire’s Business And Economic News In Brief

Marshal’s job hunt surprises officials “NEWBURYPORT — Police Marshal Thomas Howard’s decision to seek a police chief’s job in a small New Hampshire town has caught some in the city by surprise, but for others, it makes some sense, given the way the state’s pension system works. A few local Massachusetts police chiefs have retired and started collecting pensions, then taken jobs in small New Hampshire towns and collected a salary on top of their pension. The state’s pension system allows for it.” (

Hampstead fire chief ordered to repay $80,000 “HAMPSTEAD — The state is asking fire Chief Michael Carrier to pay back $80,000 of his pension, since he accepted the money while employed full-time by the Hampstead Fire Department.” (

UNH limits potential commercial development “DURHAM, N.H. (AP) — A committee working on proposals for the University of New Hampshire campus master plan has developed language to limit potential development along Main Street.” (

Recovering from fire, Amherst firm uses Hudson competitor’s space “Every small businesses’ nightmare is a fire that destroys vital equipment. Poly-Ject had two of them in the same weekend… Poly-Ject employees have been working at the offices of this friendly competitor since the start of February, when two fires in three days caused by electrical problems in an adjoining bakery destroyed 6,000 square feet of the company’s 26,000-square-foot facility.” (


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