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The Ultimate Economic Guide To The 2012 NH Legislative Session

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We'll be keeping track of some of the big economic issues working their way through the statehouse

As the New Hampshire legislature begins whittling down a bevy of economy-related bills, we thought it would be helpful to offer you a brief, on-going roundup of what we believe are some key economic issues the General Court will be looking at, and why.  We’ve also included resources if you’d like to research and track these issues on your own, or get in touch with the governor or your legislator.

This is not a comprehensive list of business- and economy-related legislation.  But unlike most of our posts, this piece will be a living document.  We’ll be keeping track of some key legislation, adding things to watch for, and otherwise updating the post as needed.

Starting tomorrow, this post will live in our “Topics” section, just below the search bar.  (More often than not, it’ll also be making appearances in our Featured Topics menu right at the top of the site.) Any reporting or aggregating we’ve done–or related topics pages we’ve created–will be added to the bottom of this post for your perusal. Continue Reading

Find Out Where You Are In The 99 Percent

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The Occupy movement has popularized the notion of "the 99 percent." An interactive map breaks that figure down further

If you move past the front-page headlines, work your way past the daily business news, and descend into the depths of the New York Times website, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll encounter a cool, interactive infographic.

And it just so happens that today, we’ve found what we believe to be one of the Times‘ niftiest offerings to date.  They’ve posted an interactive map that allows you to plug in your salary, and move your cursor over various states and counties to compare how your personal wealth (or lack thereof) stacks up.  As an example, here’s a screen shot of what we found when we entered in New Hampshire’s median salary of $61,042 (which is among the highest in the country).

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