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Private vs. Public: Who Writes More Paychecks in Your County?

Who is taking the lead in providing jobs to Idahoans? It depends on how you slice the numbers. While Idaho has a handful of very large private employers, at the local level it is far more likely that a government agency is providing the most jobs. Who has the largest workforce in your area? Click on any county below in the map below to find out.
Green = Government Employer
Yellow = Private Entity

The top employer in more than half, 28, of Idaho’s 44 counties is a public entity.  The private sector employs the most people in the 16 remaining counties.

The data embedded in the map above reflects the most recent figures available, or an average number of employees between October 2010 and September 2011, as reported to the state.

Source: Idaho Department of Labor | Download data


  • Boise Guardian

    Also of note is the fact of those counties with majority private employment, many of those employers pay NO INCOME TAX. Micron has lost money so long it will probably never pay income tax and all the hospitals like St. Lukes are tax exempt non-profits. Only the middle class pays income tax!

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