Bringing the Economy Home

Map And Tables: See Who Is Spending For And Against Idaho’s Props 1, 2, 3

The campaigns for and against Idaho’s Propositions 1, 2, 3 have brought in a lot of money, a lot of it from out-of-state. All told, the two sides have received donations totaling $4.88 million, according to campaign disclosure forms filed with the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office.  The data show 953 people or entities have donated to the campaigns.  Seventy-seven percent of those contributions went to the repeal effort.

Click around the map to see the top 100 donors who want repeal (vote no) the laws, and the top 100 donors who want to keep them in place (vote yes). You can also filter and sort the tables below to see all donors to both sides. (This includes only direct contributions to the campaigns.  It doesn’t include independent expenditures such as buying a newspaper ad without coordinating with the organized campaign.)

Map: Emilie Ritter Saunders | Data Source:Idaho Secretary of State Campaign Finance Disclosure Forms

The campaign to repeal the set of education laws known as Students Come First (i.e., to vote “no” on the propositions) has raised $3.12 million, or nearly two-thirds of the total. That campaign has tapped a much longer list of donors, often for small dollar amounts — although the bulk  comes from a $2.77 million contribution from the National Education Association, a teachers union.

The campaign to keep the Students Come First laws (i.e., to vote “yes”) has raised $1.76 million, from fewer individuals who have generally given large amounts (including $200,000 from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg).

Donor Stats For ‘Vote Yes’ (In Favor of the Education Laws)

  • 216 people or entities donated $1.76 million to the groups working to uphold the education laws
  • A third of those donors gave $1,000 or more
  • 17 donors to the “vote yes” campaign reside out-of-state
  • Those out-of-state donors contributed $540,175, or 30 percent of the total
  • Half of the people who donated to the “vote yes” campaign gave less than $100

Here’s the full list of donors to the ‘vote yes’ campaigns:

Show rows.
Donors To Vote Yes On Props 1, 2, 3 Campaigns
Contributor AmountAddressContribution Date
Melaleuca, Inc.$604,500.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340210/17/2012
Joseph B. Scott$250,000.00Boise, ID, 830769/21/2012
Michael R. Bloomberg$200,000.00New York, NY, 100229/18/2012
Allen Ball$150,000.0010/17/2012
Students First$100,000.00Sacramento, CA, 9581410/15/2012
U.S. Chamber of Commerce$100,000.00Washington, D.C., 2006210/4/2012
Republican Gov. Public Policy Committee$50,000.00Washington, D.C., 200069/18/2012
Foster Friess $25,000.00Jackson, WY 830029/18/2012
Idaho Prosperity Fund$20,500.00Boise, ID, 837019/28/2012
Doyle Beck$20,000.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340210/26/2012
Lorna Finman$20,000.00Post Falls, ID, 8385410/26/2012
Hagadone Hospitality Co$15,000.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 838169/24/2012
Gregory Wendt$15,000.00San Francisco, CA, 9412910/26/2012
Idaho Republican Party$10,000.00Boise, ID, 837019/28/2012
Intermountain Gas Company$10,000.00Boise, ID, 8370710/9/2012
Clear Springs Foods$10,000.00Buhl, ID, 833169/27/2012
Idaho Forest Group$10,000.00Laclede, ID, 8384110/16/2012
John D. Bryan$10,000.00Lake Oswego, OR, 9703510/1/2012
M3 Eagle, LLC$10,000.00Phoenix, AZ, 850189/19/2012
Dennis Lake for State Representative$8,421.00 Blackfoot, ID, 832219/26/2012
Larry Williams$7,500.00Boise, ID, 837079/27/2012
Simplot$5,000.00Boise, ID, 83707-01039/25/2012
Iteachus$5,000.00Denton, TX, 762029/6/2012
DH Financial Services$5,000.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340410/26/2012
Farmers Group, Inc.$5,000.00Los Angeles, CA, 9001010/16/2012
Frank E. Baxter$5,000.00Los Angeles, CA, 900259/25/2012
John J. Fisher$5,000.00San Francisco, CA, 941119/24/2012
William & Susan Oberndorf$5,000.00San Francisco, CA, 9411110/9/2012
13D Research (USIV), LLC$5,000.00St. Thomas, VI, 0080210/23/2012
Canyon County Republican$4,000.00 Nampa, ID 8365110/19/2012
Republican Region No. 7$3,000.00Rexburg, ID, 834409/28/2012
Mickelsen Construction Inc.$2,500.00Blackfoot, ID, 8322110/26/2012
Premier Technology$2,500.00Blackfoot, ID, 8322110/2/2012
U.S. Ecology Inc.$2,500.00Boise, ID, 8370610/16/2012
Jim Kissler$2,500.00Boise, ID, 8371210/16/2012
Roy Eiguren$2,500.00Boise, ID, 837129/4/2012
Fred Food Legislative Campaign Account$2,500.00Burley, ID, 833187/18/2012
Phoenix of Idaho Inc.$2,500.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340210/26/2012
Kevin Settles$2,000.00Boise, ID, 8370110/1/2012
John B. Fery$2,000.00Boise, ID, 837159/27/2012
Regan Properties LLC$2,000.00Coeur d'Alene, ID 8381410/26/2012
JBC Construction, Inc.$2,000.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340310/26/2012
Mack Shirley, Legislator$2,000.00Rexburg, ID, 834407/19/2012
Ed Johnson$2,000.00Wilder, ID, 8367610/2/2012
Harry Bettis$1,500.00Emmett, ID, 8361710/2/2012
Batt For Idaho$1,250.00Huston, ID, 836307/24/2012
Allen T. Noble$1,000.00Boise, ID, 837017/9/2012
Citizens to Elect Curt McKenzie$1,000.00Boise, ID, 837028/20/2012
GSA Direct, LLC$1,000.00Boise, ID, 8370210/25/2012
John Prehn$1,000.00Boise, ID, 8370610/16/2012
Equal, LLC$1,000.00Boise, ID, 8370710/21/2012
Clifford Bayer for Idaho$1,000.00Boise, ID, 8370910/16/2012
Todd Lindsey$1,000.00Boise, ID, 8371210/10/2012
DeBest Inc.$1,000.00Boise, ID, 8371310/16/2012
Ken Roberts Campaign Account$1,000.00Donnelly, ID, 836159/26/2012
Milford Terrell$1,000.00Eagle, ID, 8361610/16/2012
Reed For Idaho$1,000.00Eagle, ID, 836168/9/2012
Jeff Thompson For Idaho$1,000.00Idaho Falls, ID 834029/28/2012
Dean Mortimer Campaign Fund$1,000.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834048/6/2012
Martha Jennings$1,000.00Ketchum, ID, 833408/28/2012
Committee To Elect Marv Hagedorn$1,000.00Meridian, ID, 836428/20/2012
Rick and Michelle Stott$1,000.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/16/2012
Tom and Diana Nicholson$1,000.00Meridian, ID, 836808/8/2012
Scott Bedke$1,000.00Oakley, ID, 833469/26/2012
John Goedde$1,000.00Rathdrum, ID, 838588/20/2012
Bert Brackett Campaign Account$1,000.00Rogerson, ID 833027/16/2012
Sharon Block For State Representative$1,000.00Twin Falls, ID, 833018/20/2012
R. Steven Bair for Senate$500.00Blackfoot, ID, 8322110/16/2012
Thomas Wilford$500.00Boise, ID, 837129/26/2012
Senator Patti Anne Lodge$500.00Caldwell, ID, 8360710/16/2012
Tahoe Homes, LLC$500.00Eagle, ID, 8361610/16/2012
Thayn Farms$500.00Emmett, ID, 836177/18/2012
Thayn Tractor Repair$500.00Emmett, ID, 836177/18/2012
Senator Patti Anne Lodge Senate Committee$500.00Huston, ID, 8363010/16/2012
Bart Davis For Idaho Senate$500.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834038/27/2012
Robert Luna$500.00Jerome, ID, 833389/20/2012
John Jackson$500.00Meridian, ID, 836428/27/2012
Idaho Health Care Association$500.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/4/2012
Russell Fulcher For Senate$500.00Meridian, ID, 8368010/16/2012
Committee To Elect Judith Boyle$500.00Midvale, ID, 836458/20/2012
Committee To Elect Melinda Smyser$500.00Parma, ID, 836609/21/2012
Committee To Elect Frank Henderson$500.00Post Falls, ID, 838547/16/2012
Brent Hill$500.00Rexburg, ID, 8344010/13/2012
Raybould For State Representative$500.00Rexburg, ID, 834407/11/2012
Trent Clark$490.00Soda Springs, ID, 837269/28/2012
Collins For Representative$300.00Nampa, ID, 836868/27/2012
John Stevenson Farms$300.00Rupert, ID, 833508/20/2012
Jerry Walker$250.00Cataldo, ID, 838108/20/2012
Stewart and Mary Butler$250.00Hayden Lake, ID, 838359/17/2012
Gerald and Joyce Hunter$200.00Boise, ID, 837169/21/2012
W Ford Northcut$200.00Boise, ID, 837169/5/2012
James Bronson$200.00Sun Valley, ID, 833539/19/2012
Anonymous Cash$175.008/20/2012
Pete and Freda Cenarrusa$100.00 Boise, ID, 837058/15/2012
Dwain and Joyce Stufflebeam$100.00Blackfoot, ID, 832218/20/2012
Dan Goicoechea$100.00Boise, ID 8370410/1/2012
Fred Thompson Jr.$100.00Boise, ID, 837018/20/2012
Thomas and Alice Hennessey$100.00Boise, ID, 837028/20/2012
Jacq Shurtleff$100.00Boise, ID, 837036/28/2012
F. Edward Osborne$100.00Boise, ID, 837058/20/2012
W.H. Moore Company$100.00Boise, ID, 8370710/19/2012
Craig Webber and Linda Worden$100.00Boise, ID, 837099/27/2012
Richard McDowell$100.00Boise, ID, 8370910/8/2012
Don and Sharmon Schmitt$100.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/16/2012
Charles Schneider$100.00Eagle, ID, 836168/27/2012
Wesley and Barbara Martyn$100.00Eagle, ID, 836168/15/2012
Mark and Anna Mathews$100.00Grace, ID, 832419/28/2012
Richard Bennett$100.00Hayden Lake, ID, 838359/5/2012
Brett and Sue Ann Manwaring$100.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834048/27/2012
Maxine T. Bell Campaign Account$100.00Jerome, ID, 833388/15/2012
Robert and Kim Aldridge$100.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/16/2012
Daren Crockett$100.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/19/2012
Kent McGarry$100.00Sout Pingree, ID, 832629/4/2012
Don and Beverly Burtenshaw$100.00Terreton, ID, 834508/20/2012
Adam Ezring$100.00Washington, D.C., 200089/12/2012
Ronald Brown$90.00Pocatello, ID, 832019/4/2012
Canyon County Republican Central Committee$76.19Nampa, ID 8365110/5/2012
F.L. Poirier$50.00Blanchard, ID, 838049/5/2012
John Runft$50.00Boise, ID, 837028/27/2012
Dale and Elizabeth Tweedy$50.00Boise, ID, 837048/20/2012
Darlene Guthmiller$50.00Boise, ID, 837048/20/2012
James and Louise Larkin$50.00Boise, ID, 837049/17/2012
Mary Joyce Myers$50.00Boise, ID, 837048/15/2012
Charles Daugherty$50.00Boise, ID, 837068/15/2012
David Frechette$50.00Boise, ID, 837069/7/2012
Ronald and Mary Ann Tarro$50.00Boise, ID, 837139/17/2012
Glen Kunau$50.00Burley, ID, 833188/15/2012
Julie Yamamoto$50.00Caldwell, ID, 836059/26/2012
Thomas Scott$50.00Caldwell, ID, 836058/27/2012
Joe and Diane Dahlheim$50.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 838158/20/2012
Clark and Debbie Kauffman$50.00Filer, ID, 833288/15/2012
Roger and Laura DeMordaunt$50.00Idaho Falls, ID 834048/20/2012
Ray Haroldsen$50.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834018/20/2012
Brian and Sherri Rothfusz$50.00Lewiston, ID, 835019/7/2012
Leonard and Odessa Johnson$50.00Moscow, ID, 838438/20/2012
Doug Smith$50.00Rexburg, ID, 834408/20/2012
Nancy Sotherland$50.00Rexburg, ID, 834408/20/2012
David Cayton$50.00Salinas, CA, 939087/16/2012
Jeff Raybold$50.008/20/2012
Glen Barker$45.00Soda Springs, ID, 832769/28/2012
Holly and Brian White$40.00Nampa, ID, 836869/24/2012
Grant and Mary Peterson$40.00Shelley, ID, 832749/17/2012
Mic Hess$40.009/20/2012
Joseph and Marion Ament$35.00Spirit Lake, ID, 838699/7/2012
Dave and Justin Gordon$30.00Eden, ID, 833259/4/2012
Marjorie Glascock $25.00American Falls, ID, 832118/20/2012
Charles Davis$25.00Americus, GA, 317198/20/2012
Judd DeBoer$25.00Boise, ID, 837028/28/2012
Paul Jauregui$25.00Boise, ID, 837029/7/2012
Robert Borgna$25.00Boise, ID, 837039/5/2012
Nettie Kunz$25.00Boise, ID, 837049/7/2012
Betty Reynolds$25.00Boise, ID, 837059/26/2012
Harold Rumsey$25.00Boise, ID, 837068/20/2012
Arthur and Norma Horton$25.00Boise, ID, 837098/20/2012
Gregory Ferch$25.00Boise, ID, 837099/22/2012
Charles and Minet White$25.00Boise, ID, 837139/4/2012
Kitty Ahlm$25.00Buhl, ID, 833168/20/2012
R and K Vieselmery$25.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 838148/27/2012
Cecil Thorpe$25.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 838158/27/2012
Richard and Shirlee Wandrocke$25.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 838159/5/2012
Daniel and Emily Farr$25.00Eagle, ID, 836168/15/2012
James and Sharlynn Ferronato$25.00Eagle, ID, 836168/27/2012
Robert Niccolls$25.00Eagle, ID, 836168/20/2012
Pat Holst$25.00Hayden, ID, 838358/20/2012
R.D. Spencer$25.00Hayden, ID, 838358/20/2012
Janet Trujillo$25.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834048/20/2012
Preston and Betty Brimhall$25.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834048/20/2012
Omina Strategies$25.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834058/20/2012
James and Norma Seaton$25.00Kellogg, ID, 838379/4/2012
John Walker$25.00King Hill, ID, 836338/28/2012
Merrill and Hesther Tallman$25.00Marsing, ID, 836398/20/2012
PT & JL Okamura$25.00Middleton, ID, 836449/7/2012
Elmer and Winelle Wilford$25.00Nampa, ID, 836879/4/2012
Sam Smyser$25.00Parma, ID, 836609/5/2012
Robert and Carolyn Kniefel$25.00Payette, ID, 836618/15/2012
Dale Sievers$25.00Pocatello, ID, 832018/20/2012
David Sieber$25.00Pollock, ID, 835478/20/2012
Jack and Tanja Wilson$25.00Priest River, ID, 838568/20/2012
Marsha Bjornn$25.00Rexburg, ID, 834409/28/2012
Stephen P. Mellor$25.00Rexburg, ID, 834408/27/2012
James Clare Reed$25.00Rigby, ID, 834428/20/2012
Jo An Wood$25.00Rigby, ID, 834428/20/2012
Rowdy Davis$25.00Salmon, ID, 834678/20/2012
Veda and Sal Mascarenas$25.00Soda Springs, ID, 832769/28/2012
Diana Richman $25.00Sugar City, ID, 834488/20/2012
Wayne Wert$25.00Wendell, ID, 833559/7/2012
Anonymous Cash$25.009/28/2012
Anonymous Cash$25.009/28/2012
Laura Ladanyi$25.007/14/2012
Norman J. Root$20.00Boise, ID, 837068/27/2012
Charles Baun$20.00Boise, ID, 837149/27/2012
Megan Reichle$20.00Boise, ID, 837169/26/2012
Dave Radford$20.00Hammon, ID, 834068/20/2012
Lawerence Mills$20.00Kamiah, ID, 835368/20/2012
Clarence Jones$20.00Meridian, ID, 836429/17/2012
Leroy Brandt$20.00Meridian, ID, 836468/28/2012
Jeff Carter$20.00Sugar City, ID, 834488/20/2012
Lee Burtenshaw$20.00Terreton, ID, 834508/20/2012
T.E. Symods$15.00Boise, ID, 837098/27/2012
Howard Jenkins$15.00Eagle, ID, 836168/20/2012
Rose Zieja$15.00Osburn, ID, 838498/20/2012
Rachel Hatton$10.00Ashton, ID, 834208/20/2012
Jeffrey Laing$10.00Boise, ID, 837038/15/2012
Suzanne Affleck$10.00Boise, ID, 837098/20/2012
Calvin and Wauneta Ellington$10.00Bruneau, ID, 836048/20/2012
Larue Massee$10.00Caldwell, ID, 836069/17/2012
Doris McKinley$10.00Eagle, ID, 836168/20/2012
Melvin Brisco$10.00Emmett, ID, 836178/20/2012
Allen Eberle$10.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834049/7/2012
Ruth Foster$10.00Lewisville, ID, 834319/26/2012
Fred and Marlene Jacobsen$10.00Parma, ID, 836608/15/2012
Terry Bagley$10.00Rexburg, ID, 834408/20/2012
George H. Solverson$5.00Boise, ID, 837049/5/2012
Barbara Ehardt$5.00Idaho Falls, ID, 834028/20/2012
Anonymous Cash$4.009/28/2012
Anonymous Cash$3.008/20/2012

Source: Idaho Secretary of State Campaign Finance Disclosure Forms

Donor Stats For ‘Vote No’ (Against the Education Laws)

  • 737 people or entities donated $3.12 million to the groups working to repeal the education laws
  • 1 percent of the people who donated to the “vote no” campaign gave $1,000 or more
  • 10 donors to the “vote no” campaign reside out-of-state
  • Those out-of-state donors (primarily the National Education Association) contributed $2.81 million, or 90 percent of the total
  • Half of the people who contributed to the vote no campaign gave less than $15

Here’s the full list of donors to the ‘vote no’ campaigns:

Show rows.
Donors To Vote No On Props 1, 2, 3 Campaigns
Contributor AmountAddressContribution Date
National Education Association$2,775,000.00Washington, D.C., 2003610/24/2012
Idaho Education Association$255,777.48Boise, ID, 8370210/29/2012
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center BISC$36,500.00Washington, D.C., 2000610/19/2012
Anthony Balukoff$10,000.00Boise, ID, 8370510/18/2012
PACE Pac (Idaho Education Association)$9,320.00Boise, ID, 837015/13/2012
Pacific NW Regional Carpenters$5,000.00Kent, WA, 9803210/10/2012
Cassia County Education Association$1,500.00Burley, ID, 8331810/30/2012
Gary Wiener$1,000.00Boise, ID 837028/30/2012
Lake Pend Oreille Education Association$515.00Sandpoint, ID 838649/21/2012
Boundary Co. Democrats Central Committee$500.00Bonners Ferry, ID, 8380510/9/2012
Geroge and Beverly Harad$500.00Boise, ID, 8370310/12/2012
Sue Kenny$500.00Rigby, ID10/16/2012
Christine Pickford$400.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Owen and Janet Orndorff$400.00Boise, ID, 8370210/18/2012
Renee McNally$350.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/5/2012
Penny Beach$303.00Boise, ID 837029/7/2012
John Andreason$300.00Boise, ID 837049/21/2012
Justin and Cynthia Hayes$300.00Boise, ID, 8370210/15/2012
Robin Nettinga$300.00Nampa, ID, 8365110/19/2012
Charles Hasse$256.00Boise, ID, 8370210/17/2012
Brenda Spurgeon$250.00Boise, ID 837067/26/2012
Charles Walther$250.00Hailey, ID, 8333310/3/2012
J Charles and Margaret Hepworth$250.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
James A. and Janet Shackelford$250.00Boise, ID, 8370610/3/2012
Janet Orndorff$250.00Boise, ID 837028/28/2012
Jill and Andrew Chrisman$250.00Boise, ID, 8370210/3/2012
JoAnn Richards Anderson$250.00Ashton, ID, 8342010/18/2012
Kevin & Stephanie Kitz$250.00Boise, ID, 8371710/12/2012
Kevin Cronin$250.00Bellevue, ID, 8331310/10/2012
Parma Education Association$250.00Parma, ID 836609/12/2012
Patricia and Carl Olsson$250.00Boise, ID, 8371610/15/2012
Sally Boynton Brown$250.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Boise Education Association$222.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Cleo Nettinga$200.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/18/2012
Dan and Dana Zuckerman$200.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Diane Schwartz$200.00Boise, ID, 8370610/19/2012
ES Scott$200.00Boise, ID, 8370510/12/2012
Gayle Moore$200.00Boise, ID 837039/8/2012
Margo Stone$200.00Boise, ID 837058/23/2012
Diane Gilbert$150.00Meridian, ID 836468/18/2012
Kathy Yamamoto$150.00Boise, ID, 8370210/19/2012
Wendy Jaquet$150.00Ketchum, ID, 8334010/19/2012
Marsh Valley Education Association$132.00McCammon, ID, 8325010/15/2012
Faith Risolo$125.00Boise, ID, 8370210/15/2012
Cindy Schaffeld$121.00Boise, ID, 8370410/3/2012
Kristi Milan$119.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381610/12/2012
Lucille Hahn$112.00Boise, ID 837048/30/2012
Penny Cyr$103.50Boise, ID 837028/10/2012
Alan Pritchett$100.00Nampa, ID, 8368610/1/2012
Becky Price$100.00Blackfoot, ID 832219/26/2012
Betsy Dunklin$100.00Boise, ID 837128/30/2012
Boise Freshwater Aquariums$100.00Boise, ID 837099/11/2012
Carl and Patricia Olsson$100.00Boise, ID, 8371610/12/2012
Christian and Susan Gelletly$100.00Boise, ID, 8371210/12/2012
Cindy Gross$100.00Boise, ID 837039/24/2012
Constance Owens$100.00Nampa, ID, 8368610/16/2012
Cristina Uribe$100.00Oakland, CA, 9460210/18/2012
Daniel Duggan$100.00Boise, ID, 8371310/19/2012
Dean and Kathy Jones$100.00Boise, ID 837039/27/2012
Dennis Dunn$100.00Ammon, ID 834069/21/2012
Dennis K. Houchin$100.00Rathdrum, ID, 8385810/6/2012
G. Rich Andrus$100.00Rexburg, ID, 8344010/12/2012
Gary Allen$100.00Boise, ID, 8370610/6/2012
George and Karen Baker$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/17/2012
James and Karen Bird$100.00Mountain Home, ID, 8364710/16/2012
James and Kay Anderson$100.00Boise, ID, 8371410/3/2012
Janet Buschert$100.00Eagle, ID, 8361610/15/2012
Judith Nash$100.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Kathryn Phelan$100.00McCall, ID, 8363810/15/2012
Kelli Jenkins$100.00Boise, ID 837099/19/2012
Kevin Wilson$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/9/2012
Kristin and Matthew Hulquist$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Lauren Necochea$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/18/2012
Luke Ackerman$100.00Idaho Falls, ID 834029/21/2012
Michael and Susan Smith$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Nancy Werdel$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/5/2012
Patricia A. Roberts$100.00Clarkston, WA, 9940310/15/2012
Paul Cunningham$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/8/2012
Richard and Sondra Hackborn$100.00Boise, ID, 8370610/12/2012
Richard Newton$100.00Eagle, ID, 8361610/12/2012
Scott and Lauren McLean$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Sharon Hanson$100.00Boise, ID 8370210/12/2012
Sherry Bithell$100.00Boise, ID, 8371310/17/2012
Sheryce Davis$100.00Boise, ID, 8371310/18/2012
Southeast Idaho Reti$100.00Pocatello, ID, 8320410/5/2012
Stanley Olsen$100.00Boise, ID, 8370610/12/2012
Taylor Nielson$100.00Meridian, ID 836468/30/2012
Terry and Lyn Haun$100.00Emmett, ID, 8361710/13/2012
Terry Gilbert$100.00Boise, ID, 8371210/19/2012
Timothy Miceli$100.00Boise, ID, 8370210/4/2012
Victoria Roper$100.00Bellevue, ID 833139/7/2012
Virginia Libbey$100.00Sandpoint, ID 838648/9/2012
John Eynon$96.80Grangeville, ID, 835304/4/2012
Maggie Calica$96.00Pocatell, ID, 8320410/15/2012
Patricia St. Tourangeau$95.00Garden City, ID, 8371410/3/2012
Franklyn Robinson$90.00Boise, ID 837028/9/2012
Layne McInelly$84.00Boise, ID 837099/19/2012
Kara Ardern$80.00Moscow, ID 838436/27/2012
Boundary County Education Association$75.00Bonners Ferry, ID 838059/21/2012
Cardmember Services$75.00Fargo, ND, 58125-63352/22/2012
Helen Wyant$75.00Burley, ID, 8331810/9/2012
Janet Parks$75.00Boise, ID, 8370610/19/2012
Rhoda Gerrard$75.00Emmett, ID, 8361710/19/2012
Tim Merrick$75.00Garden City, ID, 8371410/14/2012
Laura Lemmon$70.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/10/2012
Venna Harris$70.00American Falls, ID 832119/19/2012
Anonymous Cash$60.008/9/2012
Cascade Edcuation Association$60.00Cascade, ID 836149/25/2012
Lesley Hollister$60.00Boise, ID 837029/19/2012
Melissa Riebe $60.00Eagle, ID 836169/27/2012
Sue Hovey$60.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/16/2012
Tom Trail$60.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/16/2012
Pam Webb$56.00Burley, ID, 8331810/1/2012
Paula Marano$56.00Coeur d'Alene, ID 838149/21/2012
Marilyn Howard$55.00Boise, ID, 8371410/15/2012
Randi Sinclair$55.00Boise, ID, 8370510/3/2012
Lane Brown$54.00Boise, ID, 83702-010810/1/2012
Joanna Adams$53.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/12/2012
Michael Uhling$53.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Amy and Reilly McDevitt$50.00Boise, ID, 8370510/12/2012
Amy Steckel$50.00Boise, ID 837027/23/2012
Andrew Rath$50.00Boise, ID 837099/10/2012
Becky Gibson$50.00Boise, ID 837048/30/2012
Betty Ashcraft$50.00Mountain Home, ID, 8364710/15/2012
Betty Purdy$50.00Boise, ID, 8370910/1/2012
Betty Turner$50.00Boise, ID 837098/15/2012
Beverly Boyd$50.00Boise, ID 837038/10/2012
Bruce and Charlee Smit$50.00Boise, ID, 8370610/12/2012
Charlotte Gunn$50.00Boise, ID, 8370510/1/2012
Cheryl Day$50.00Twin Falls, ID, 8330110/18/2012
Cynthia Rena Kain$50.00Washington, D.C., 2002010/17/2012
Dale and Ramona Higer$50.00Boise, ID, 8371210/12/2012
David Daniel$50.00Nampa, ID, 8368610/2/2012
Denise Gaviola$50.00Parma, ID, 8366010/18/2012
Dennis McArthur$50.00Iona, ID 834276/29/2020
Diane Ronayne$50.00Boise, ID, 8371210/12/2012
DJ Haff$50.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340410/5/2012
Elizabeth Allen$50.00Boise, ID, 8370610/2/2012
Eric DeBord$50.00Boise, ID 837028/30/2012
Fred and Mary Burton$50.00Nampa, ID, 8368610/15/2012
Gail Ater$50.00Twin Falls, ID 833039/27/2012
Gary and Tina Smith$50.00Garden City, ID, 8371410/14/2012
Gizella O'Neil$50.00Boise, ID, 8370610/15/2012
Gloria Kley$50.00Star, ID 836697/22/2012
Harry Preston McCarty$50.00Boise, ID, 8370510/15/2012
Jamie Harding$50.00Ketchum, ID, 8334010/10/2012
Janet Snider$50.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/1/2012
Jerald McGrady$50.00Boise, ID 837098/7/2012
John Hansen$50.00Boise, ID 837169/23/2012
Joyce Luke$50.00Boise, ID 837099/21/2012
Judy Mimken$50.00Boise, ID, 8370610/17/2012
Kelli Cosho$50.00Boise, ID, 8371210/12/2012
LaDawn Goebel$50.00Ashton, ID 834207/17/2012
LaMar Hagar$50.00Blackfoot, ID 832218/29/2012
Leeann Turano$50.00Post Falls, ID, 8385410/17/2012
Lennette Meyer$50.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/10/2012
Lisa and Tony Hauser$50.00Boise, ID, 8370210/8/2012
Lori Blattner$50.00Kuna, ID, 8363410/19/2012
Lynn Franck$50.00Sagle, ID, 8386010/3/2012
Mary Hummel$50.00Boise, ID, 8370210/10/2012
Mary Lou Aubrey$50.00Lava Hot Springs, ID, 8324610/5/2012
Melissa Getto$50.00Boise, ID, 8370910/3/2012
Nancy VanNorsdel$50.00Eagle, ID, 8361610/12/2012
Rebecca Duggan$50.00Boise, ID 837139/3/2012
Rejane Kocemba$50.00Boise, ID 837027/15/2012
Rita Haggardt$50.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Robert and Phyllis Stimpert$50.00Caldwell, ID, 8360510/10/2012
Robert Ball$50.00Boise, ID, 8370210/20/2012
Robert Lonning$50.00Hailey, ID 833339/17/2012
Ron Freeman$50.00Boise, ID 837039/10/2012
RP and NC Viano$50.00Eagle, ID, 8361610/12/2012
Samuel Snider$50.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/1/2012
Shannon Laura Forrester$50.00Caldwell, ID, 8360710/20/2012
Sheryl Tate$50.00Boise, ID 837049/10/2012
Shirley Lane$50.00Grangeville, ID 835308/31/2012
Stephanie Myers$50.00Boise, ID 837099/10/2012
Susan Block$50.00Boise, ID, 8370410/19/2012
Susie Fisher$50.00Boise, ID 837059/18/2012
Teresa Jackman$50.00Pocatello, ID 832019/4/2012
Terry Eggers$50.00Sandpoint, ID, 8386410/5/2012
Todd Donald Riley$50.00Sandpoint, ID, 8386410/13/2012
Tyler and Heidi Burpee$50.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Vicki Bryant$50.00Nampa, ID, 8365110/20/2012
Virginia Linnell$50.00Boise, ID, 8370610/10/2012
Whitney Carmen Ripley$50.00Moscow, ID 838439/30/2012
Beverly Severson$46.00Boise, ID, 8370610/5/2012
Teresa Noble$46.00Boise, ID, 8370310/3/2012
Candace Turner$45.00Priest River, ID 838569/21/2012
Christine Simon$43.00Boise, ID, 8370310/15/2012
Darin DeAngeli$40.00Boise, ID, 8371210/12/2012
Hannah Hysell$40.00Boise, ID, 8370610/17/2012
Kay Rusche$40.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/16/2012
Lynda Mehrens$40.00Boise, ID, 8370510/3/2012
Margaret Wilson$40.00Boise, ID 837129/4/2012
Theresa Silvester$40.00Twin Falls, ID, 8330110/3/2012
Tina Williams$40.00Paul, ID, 8334710/1/2012
Kathy Haley$35.00Boise, ID, 8371310/17/2012
Tracy Hitchcock$35.00Boise, ID, 8370210/17/2012
Michael and Teresa Toole$33.00Pocatello, ID, 8320210/15/2012
Robin Blaine$33.00Boise, ID 837068/30/2012
John McCrostie$31.50Boise, ID 837148/13/2012
Peggy Hess$31.00Rupert, ID 833509/19/2012
Tiffany Ringo$31.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Andrea Tickner$30.00Twin Falls, ID, 8330110/16/2012
Bekki Mangum$30.00Blackfoot, ID, 8322110/15/2012
Connie Yates$30.00Boise, ID, 8370510/3/2012
Cynthia Lee$30.00Meridian, ID, 8368710/12/2012
Diane Potter$30.00Moscow, ID 838438/30/2012
Doris Autenrieth$30.00Chubbuck, ID, 8320210/5/2012
Jeannie Bybee$30.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Jessica Levy$30.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/10/2012
John Ursillo$30.00Boise, ID, 8370310/15/2012
Karen Palazzolo$30.00Boise, ID 837169/3/2012
Kathy Stevens$30.00Pocatello, ID, 8320410/5/2012
Mary Lou Taylor$30.00Boise, ID, 8370410/10/2012
Mary Ryan$30.00Boise, ID, 8370310/12/2012
Michael Rhinard$30.00Boise, ID 837068/30/2012
Plummer Worley Ed As$30.00Plummer, ID, 8385110/3/2012
Ryan Richmond$30.00Boise, ID 837039/4/2012
Willean White$30.00Emmett, ID 836179/25/2012
Andria Jenne$29.00Boise, ID, 8370610/12/2012
Cynthia Carr Jenkins$29.00Boise, ID, 8370210/5/2012
Cynthia Chapman$28.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/18/2012
William Jennings$28.00Boise, ID, 8370910/19/2012
Amy Pinkerman$25.00Meridian, ID 836429/27/2012
Anita Campbell$25.00Boise, ID 837068/10/2012
Anne Dillard-Lim$25.00Blackfoot, ID, 8322110/12/2012
Barbara Olic-Hamilton$25.00Boise, ID 837069/4/2012
Bert Marley$25.00McCammon, ID, 8325010/17/2012
Betty Richardson$25.00Boise, ID 837078/25/2012
Bill and Rosalee Wigle$25.00New Meadows, ID, 8365410/3/2012
Bill Cope$25.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/18/2012
Carmen Buttcane$25.00Richfield, ID 833496/27/2012
Caron Santillanes$25.00Boise, ID, 8370310/19/2012
Connie Buckley$25.00Mesa, ID, 8381510/18/2012
Cordell Cropper$25.00Nampa, ID 836868/30/2012
Courtney LaRue$25.00Boise, ID, 8370410/3/2012
Cris Walters$25.00Rexburg, ID, 8344010/17/2012
Dale Baerlocher$25.00St. Maries, ID, 8386110/10/2012
Dannettee Blakeslee$25.00Boise, ID, 8370510/1/2012
David Chehey$25.00Boise, ID 837069/26/2012
David Hansen$25.00Boise, ID 837099/30/2012
Dawn Heller$25.00Boise, ID 837049/27/2012
Deanne Matthews$25.00Boise, ID, 8370910/17/2012
Deborah Every$25.00Boise, ID, 8370310/13/2012
Debra White$25.00Kimberly, ID, 8334110/19/2012
Dena Scott$25.00Nampa, ID, 8368610/5/2012
Drema Green-McCoy$25.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Edward Arndt$25.00Twin Falls, ID, 8330110/12/2012
George Hoyle$25.00Garden Valley, ID, 8362210/2/2012
Harold Wayne Paul$25.00Nampa, ID, 8368610/17/2012
James and Linda Van Andel$25.00Horseshoe Bend, ID, 8362910/12/2012
Jane Chalfant-McKevitt$25.00Boise, ID, 8371210/19/2012
Janet Avery$25.00Boise, ID 836469/21/2012
Jean G. Rose$25.00Boise, ID, 8370410/17/2012
Jennifer Clark$25.00Boise, ID 837146/27/2012
John Carger$25.00Boise, ID 837038/29/2012
John Hastings$25.00Sandpoint, ID 838648/30/2012
Judy Gillies$25.00Boise, ID 837139/20/2012
Julie Stafford$25.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/16/2012
Juno VanOcker$25.00Boise, ID, 8370610/15/2012
Karen Harris$25.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/15/2012
Kelly Gardner$25.00Rigby, ID, 8344210/18/2012
Kimberley Brown$25.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/15/2012
Kirsten Lagomarsino$25.00Boise, ID 837026/26/2012
Kristine Hansen-Neftah$25.00Idaho Falls, ID 834029/30/2012
Laura Taylor$25.00Boise, ID, 8370310/17/2012
Lee and Claudia Schorzman$25.00Post Falls, ID, 8385410/3/2012
Leo Naiman$25.00Kellogg, ID, 8383710/18/2012
Leo Naiman$25.00Kellogg, ID 838379/1/2012
Lila Clark$25.00Garden Valley, ID 836229/8/2012
Linda Hurless Rietze$25.00Boise, ID, 8370610/15/2012
Lindsay Barnes$25.00Boise, ID 837128/30/2012
Loralee Nasman$25.00Boise, ID, 8370610/15/2012
Lorien Oberlander$25.00Boise, ID 837039/25/2012
Lyle Hendersen$25.00Clifton, ID, 8322810/17/2012
Marcia Greear$25.00Eagle, ID, 8361610/3/2012
Marcia Von Huene$25.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/1/2012
Marilyn Hansen$25.00Idaho Falls, ID 834029/30/2012
Marjean Waford$25.00Pocatello, ID, 8320410/5/2012
Mary Chandler$25.00Boise, ID, 8370410/5/2012
Mary Hutcherson$25.00Boise, ID 837128/31/2012
Mary Lou Rush$25.00McCall, ID, 8363810/5/2012
Mary Mattoon$25.00Lewiston, ID 835018/30/2012
Maureen Houston$25.00Nampa, ID, 8368610/19/2012
Patricia Hill Mizuta$25.00Boise, ID 837059/12/2012
Patricia Waterman$25.00Boise, ID, 8370310/10/2012
Patti Vaughn$25.00Boise, ID, 8370610/17/2012
Robert Boyno$25.00Boise, ID 837068/13/2012
Robert L. Hood$25.00Kuna, ID 836349/5/2012
Robin Conde$25.00Boise, ID 837029/27/2012
Ronda Black$25.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Sarah Weber$25.00Boise, ID, 8370610/15/2012
Sean Statham$25.00Nampa, ID 836878/30/2012
Shari Webster$25.00Nampa, ID, 8368610/1/2012
Sylvia Kirk$25.00Inkom, ID 832459/3/2012
Tricia Waltner$25.00Boise, ID, 8370410/19/2012
Virginia Jones$25.00Idaho Falls, ID 834047/20/2012
W. Lavern and Linda Brim$25.00Downey, ID, 8323410/15/2012
Wayne Wilson$25.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/19/2012
Carolyn Gurnsey$23.00Eagle, ID 836169/27/2012
James Waterman$21.00Twin Falls, ID, 83301-893810/1/2012
Barbara Stoler$20.00Boise, ID, 8370210/3/2012
Betty Percifield$20.00Kuna, ID, 8363410/10/2012
Beverly Glonser$20.00Boise, ID, 8370910/3/2012
Bonita Hammers$20.0010/12/2012
Cassie Shelton$20.00Boise, ID, 8371210/1/2012
Char Roth$20.00Hailey, ID, 8333310/10/2012
Cheryl Boyd$20.00Boise, ID 837099/21/2012
Chrys Robertson$20.00Chubbuck, ID, 8320210/5/2012
Danny Steward$20.00Boise, ID 837038/13/2012
Debbie Reed$20.00Boise, ID, 8370610/5/2012
Debbie Smith$20.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/16/2012
Derik Kohles$20.00Hayden, ID, 8383510/12/2012
Emily Hammond$20.00Boise, ID 837128/9/2012
Eve Denton$20.00Boise, ID, 8370210/3/2012
Goldie McClure$20.00Boise, ID, 8370610/15/2012
Heather Prinzing$20.00Boise, ID, 8370910/12/2012
Hilary Chick$20.00Coeur d'Alene, ID 838149/10/2012
Jan McCamish-Cameron$20.00Meridian, ID 836469/21/2012
Jane Davis$20.00Sandpoint, ID, 8386410/3/2012
Joanna Chaboneau$20.00Boise, ID 837139/21/2012
Joe and Andy Partington$20.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/10/2012
Joseph Wright$20.00Boise, ID, 8370310/19/2012
Joyce and Kim Childs$20.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340210/3/2012
Judy Hawkes$20.00Ketchum, ID, 8334010/16/2012
Julia Zarbinsky$20.00Boise, ID 837049/1/2012
June Judd$20.00St. Maries, ID, 8386110/10/2012
Kevin Farnsworth$20.00Rupert, ID, 8335010/1/2012
Krista Brunelle$20.00Boise, ID, 8370510/12/2012
Lane DeGiulio$20.00Boise, ID 837059/21/2012
Linda Goodwin$20.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/1/2012
Lori Lawton$20.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Maddie Johnson$20.009/21/2012
Marcia Trumble$20.00Boise, ID 837079/11/2012
Mary Karol Taylor$20.00Boise, ID 8367069/27/2012
Michelle Pollard$20.00Boise, ID, 8371610/5/2012
Pamela Ward$20.00Chubbuck, ID 832029/27/2012
Peter and Gail Paradis$20.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/12/2012
R. Schiller$20.00Boise, ID, 8371210/1/2012
Randy and Lindsay Barnes$20.00Boise, ID, 8371210/12/2012
Richard Williams$20.00Boise, ID, 8370410/5/2012
Rita Repp$20.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/16/2012
Rod Wray$20.00Garden City, ID, 8371410/12/2012
Rosemary Cody$20.00Hailey, ID, 8333310/1/2012
Sarah Blasius$20.00Burley, ID, 8331810/1/2012
Shane Milward$20.00Boise, ID 837099/19/2012
Steve and Bev Moss$20.00Coeur d'Alene, ID 838149/10/2012
Susan and Gene Mussler $20.00Mountain Home, ID, 8364710/15/2012
Susan Hamby$20.00Twin Falls, ID 833019/19/2012
Tim Rigby$20.00Boise, ID, 8370510/1/2012
Venny Baker$20.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/10/2012
Victoria Armstrong$20.00Mountain Home, ID 83647 8/30/2012
Zachary and Krystel Lockyer$20.00Pocatello, ID, 8320410/15/2012
Barbara Adams$19.00Spirit Lake, ID 838699/27/2012
Rebecca Price$19.00Moscow, ID 838439/25/2012
Claire Armstrong$18.00Boise, ID 837069/27/2012
Diane Hall$18.00Boise, ID, 8370610/9/2012
Joan Bigelow$18.00Boise, ID, 8370910/5/2012
Kelly Richmond$18.00Boise, ID, 8370310/3/2012
Anne Bebber$15.00Boise, ID 837149/3/2012
Barbara Dial$15.00Boise, ID 837039/7/2012
Bob Gebrke$15.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Carol Buckles$15.00Boise, ID 837039/7/2012
Darlene Carver$15.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/12/2012
Denise Dillion-Johnson$15.00Boise, ID, 8371610/3/2012
Genevieve Farrow$15.00Boise, ID, 8370510/18/2012
Heather Eshelby$15.00Boise ID 837048/30/2012
J. Lang$15.00Boise, ID, 8371610/10/2012
Jackie Alvarez$15.00Blackfoot, ID 832219/26/2012
Jennifer Weske$15.00Boise, ID, 8371410/5/2012
Kelbie Uren$15.00Boise, ID, 8370910/10/2012
Lois Sutton$15.00Midvale, ID, 8364510/3/2012
Pam Kennedy$15.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/15/2012
Penelope Roth$15.00American Falls, ID, 8321110/5/2012
Sue Ringquist$15.00Pocatello, ID 832049/4/2012
Tania and Tara Johnson$15.00Liberty Lake, WA, 9901610/10/2012
Tania Johnson$15.00Liberty Lake, WA 990169/21/2012
Tim and Monica Lowe$15.00Boise, ID, 8371410/15/2012
Deanna Carter$13.00Twin Falls, ID, 83301 10/3/2012
Mary Ellen Frischmuth$13.00Boise, ID 837129/21/2012
Mona Farmer$13.00Cottonwood, ID, 8352210/16/2012
Becky Allen$12.00Boise, ID 837049/21/2012
Cheryl Jenkins$12.00Lewiston, ID 835019/25/2012
Don Merrill$12.00Pocatell, ID, 8320410/15/2012
Gayle Cottam$12.00American Falls, ID, 8321110/15/2012
Heidi Bromley$12.00Boise, ID 837028/30/2012
Lynn Strong$12.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/3/2012
Lynne Barber$12.00Boise, ID, 8370410/9/2012
Randi Currey$12.00Post Falls, ID, 8385410/12/2012
Susan March$12.00Eagle, ID 836169/19/2012
Traci Adams$12.00Kimberly, ID, 8334110/3/2012
Jill Wilmer$11.00Boise, ID 837039/12/2012
Angela Olmstead$10.00Sandpoint, ID, 8386410/12/2012
Ben Florenza$10.00Meridian, ID 836469/26/2012
Betty Matthews$10.00Boise, ID, 8370910/12/2012
Bob Devine $10.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Cathy Murray$10.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Christine Gleason$10.00Boise, ID 837068/29/2012
Dallas Inman$10.00Boise, ID 837029/11/2012
Debbie Reidhaar-Flisher$10.00Boise, ID 837058/30/2012
Dorothy Lowe$10.00Boise, ID 837029/21/2012
Elizabeth Henry$10.00Boise, ID, 8370210/10/2012
Emily Stromer$10.00Boise, ID, 8370410/5/2012
Ferrell Fletcher$10.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/16/2012
Garaciela Sosa-Cooper$10.00Coeur d'Alene, ID 838158/28/2012
Gayle Hatch$10.00Boise, ID, 8370610/19/2012
Gene Hobbs$10.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/16/2012
Glenda Funk$10.00Chubbuck, ID, 8320210/5/2012
Grace Owens$10.00Boise, ID 837069/27/2012
Helga Gabrielli$10.00Boise, ID, 8370510/19/2012
Jackie Cranor$10.00Pocatello, ID, 8320210/5/2012
Jan Kerfoot$10.00Boise, ID, 8371410/19/2012
Jane Zornik$10.00Boise, ID, 8370310/15/2012
Jean McKay$10.00Idaho Falls, ID10/16/2012
Jean Newman$10.00Twin Falls, ID 833019/26/2012
Jeanne Hymas$10.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Jennifer Call$10.00Rexburg, ID, 8344010/3/2012
Jim Windisch$10.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/10/2012
Joanne Hespelt$10.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/12/2012
Karen John$10.00Garden City, ID, 8371410/9/2012
Karen Sines$10.00Hayden, ID, 8383510/12/2012
Kathy Hammers$10.00Boise, ID, 8370910/12/2012
Kathy Pound$10.00Boise, ID 837069/21/2012
Kelly Farris$10.00Boise, ID 837029/27/2012
Kris Wilkinson$10.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Kris Williams-King$10.00Boise, ID 837059/19/2012
Lorraine Kimball$10.00Fish Haven, ID, 8328710/5/2012
Marvin McBride$10.00Pocatello, ID, 8320410/10/2012
Marye Barker$10.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/17/2012
Pam Starry$10.00Boise, ID, 8371610/5/2012
Paul Ryan$10.00Boise, ID, 8370210/15/2012
Rance Wolfe$10.00Gooding, ID10/16/2012
Richard Chilcote$10.00Boise, ID 837039/19/2012
Roberta Larsen$10.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/3/2012
Sally Hildebrandt$10.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340410/17/2012
Sandra Haines$10.00Boise, ID, 8371410/15/2012
Sarah Buck$10.00Firth, ID, 8323610/15/2012
Shawn Carrico-Phillips$10.00Boise, ID 837049/21/2012
Sheryl Landis$10.00Boise, ID, 8371610/3/2012
Stephen Johnson$10.00Emmett, ID, 8361710/18/2012
Steve Erlandson$10.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Sue Coon$10.00Coeur d'Alene, ID 838149/21/2012
Sue Finlay Clark$10.00Kingston, ID, 8383910/10/2012
Sue Summers$10.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/3/2012
Tamara O'Hara$10.00Boise, ID 837069/21/2012
Zackariah Gonzales$10.00Boise, ID 837148/29/2012
Betty Heidelberger$9.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Bill Dean$9.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/3/2012
Dedra Swanstrom$9.00Boise, ID, 8370310/5/2012
Laura Schiffman$9.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Lori Christensen$9.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Lori Jo Schmitt$9.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Penny Roth$9.00American Falls, ID 832119/27/2012
Sarah Condon$9.00Blackfoot, ID 832219/4/2012
Kevin Kelly$8.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/16/2012
Denise Ronzzo$7.00Clarkston, WA 994039/25/2012
Alice Kohtz$6.00Boise, ID, 8370510/15/2012
Carly Bean$6.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/16/2012
Cyndie Meline$6.00Pocatello, ID, 8320210/5/2012
Dana Westwood$6.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Debbie Flory$6.00Bonners Ferry, ID 838059/21/2012
Denece Schwartz$6.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Duane Shreve$6.00Boise, ID 83709/7/2012
Elayne Semko$6.00Wallace, ID, 8387310/3/2012
Grant Joki$6.00Boise, ID 837049/26/2012
Jackie Bombard$6.00Blackfoot, ID 832219/4/2012
Jim Robinson$6.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
John Whetzel$6.00Idaho Falls, ID, 83401-386310/1/2012
Keith Church$6.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/10/2012
Kelly Farris$6.00Boise, ID, 8370210/1/2012
Kris Stone$6.0010/12/2012
Laruie Schmidt$6.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/15/2012
Lori Maxwell$6.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Maureen Schulz$6.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Megan Perryman$6.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Michelle McNew$6.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Michelle Rawenhorst$6.00Pinehurst, ID, 8385010/10/2012
Molly Hierschbiel$6.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Molly McMillan$6.00Caldwell, ID, 8360510/3/2012
Nancy Amos$6.00Onaway, ID 838559/25/2012
Rick Jones$6.00Rathdrum, ID 838589/21/2012
Robert Miron$6.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Sandy Combo$6.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/3/2012
Sonja Smith$6.00Boise, ID, 8370310/3/2012
Susan Matkin$6.00Pocatello, ID 832029/27/2012
Umeko Myers$6.00Boise, ID 837049/21/2012
Wendy Anderson$6.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Wendy Leadbetter$6.00Middleton, ID, 8364410/19/2012
Kathy Walker$5.75American Falls, ID 832119/27/2012
Aaron Hall$5.00Chubbuck, ID 832029/27/2012
Alison Hauri$5.00Boise, ID 837039/21/2012
Alissa Beth Laugheed$5.00Garden City, ID 837149/21/2012
Amy Eiden$5.00Boise, ID, 8370410/5/2012
Angel Hart$5.0010/12/2012
Angela Allen$5.00Boise, ID, 8370610/3/2012
Audrey Cole$5.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Barbara Thomas$5.00Boise, ID 837038/27/2012
Chris Mata$5.00Boise, ID, 8370410/3/2012
Christa Rowland$5.00Boise, ID, 8370510/12/2012
Christine Olley$5.00Boise, ID 837099/27/2012
Colleen Holtz$5.00Eagle, ID 836169/21/2012
Daniel Paxton$5.00New Brunswick, NJ 089019/25/2012
Deanna Webb$5.00Boise, ID, 8370310/5/2012
Debbie Burton$5.0010/12/2012
Denise Thompson$5.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Doug Lawrence$5.00Boise, ID, 8371210/5/2012
Esther Burkheimer$5.00Boise, ID, 8370210/15/2012
Evelyn Tobey$5.00Boise, ID, 8370610/19/2012
Gail Healey$5.00Boise, ID 837049/21/2012
Gregory Mitchell$5.0010/12/2012
Hailey Blair$5.00Boise, ID, 8370610/3/2012
Helga Gabriella$5.00McCall, ID 836389/27/2012
Holly Thornsberry$5.00Boise, ID, 8371610/3/2012
Janet Worthington$5.00Boise, ID, 8371410/15/2012
Janie Reynolds$5.0010/5/2012
Jennifer Bond$5.00Boise, ID 837059/21/2012
Jennifer Hunt$5.0010/19/2012
Jennifer Jacobs$5.00Boise, ID, 8370910/5/2012
Jenny Gibbons$5.00Kuna, ID 836349/21/2012
Joel Moffet$5.00Lapwai, ID, 8354010/16/2012
JoEllen Ledbetter$5.00Boise, ID 837069/26/2012
Joni Graham$5.00Boise, ID 837149/27/2012
Julie Miner$5.0010/3/2012
Karen Hansen$5.0010/3/2012
Kari Overall$5.00Boise, ID 837059/27/2012
Kathleen Huffield$5.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Kathy Bright$5.00Blackfoot, ID 832219/27/2012
LaDean Messenger$5.00Chubbuck, ID 832029/27/2012
Lane Bennett$5.00Boise, ID 837039/21/2012
Linda Beasley$5.00Boise, ID, 8371410/19/2012
Liona Litzsinger$5.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Lisa Baker$5.00Garden City, ID, 8371410/3/2012
Lora Dawn McKinley$5.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/3/2012
Lori Greenaway$5.00Boise, ID, 8371310/12/2012
MacKenzie Becker$5.00Boise, ID 837099/21/2012
Marianne Blansett$5.00Boise, ID, 8370610/5/2012
Marj Bullman$5.0010/3/2012
Mark Bowman$5.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Mary Gordan$5.0010/19/2012
Melissa Landers$5.00Boise, ID, 8371410/3/2012
Mike Wilkensen$5.00Twin Falls, ID 833019/26/2012
Miriam Luginbill$5.00Garden City, ID 837149/21/2012
Molly O'Shea$5.00Boise, ID 837058/24/2012
Morgan Coats$5.00Boise, ID 837049/19/2012
Nancy Leah$5.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/12/2012
Nancy McSurdy$5.00Boise, ID, 8370910/3/2012
Nancy Smith$5.00Boise, ID 837129/21/2012
Nanette Allen$5.00Twin Falls, ID 833019/26/2012
Nick Steinmetz$5.00Boise, ID, 8370410/3/2012
Pam Torres$5.00Garden City, ID, 8371410/19/2012
Patricia Fuji$5.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/15/2012
Paula Dragone$5.00Boise, ID, 8371210/5/2012
Phyllis Saunders$5.00Boise, ID, 8370610/5/2012
Rachel Cross$5.00Boise, ID, 8370610/3/2012
RaeAnne Carson$5.00Burley, ID 833189/19/2012
Regina Flock$5.0010/12/2012
Rick Davis $5.00Pocatello, ID 832019/26/2012
Rita Wicher$5.00Boise, ID, 8371610/1/2012
Robyn Palmer$5.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/10/2012
Ron Cowman$5.00Boise, ID, 8370410/3/2012
Sandy Racine$5.00Boise, ID, 8370310/19/2012
Sarah Poste$5.00Boise, ID 837099/27/2012
Sean Rietze$5.00Boise, ID, 837096/25/2012
Shawn Duggan$5.00Boise, ID, 8371310/3/2012
Shelly Wallentine$5.00Ovid, ID, 8325410/5/2012
Sierra Atkins$5.00Boise, ID, 8370510/5/2012
Sue Peck$5.00Boise, ID 837069/10/2012
Susie Cox$5.00Boise, ID, 8370910/3/2012
Tamra Anderson$5.00Boise, ID 837099/11/2012
Terance King$5.00Boise, ID 837059/27/2012
Tina VanAllen$5.00Gooding, ID 833309/19/2012
Valerie Valleeuwen$5.00Twin Falls, ID 833039/26/2012
Amy Lenhart$4.00Meridian, ID 836469/21/2012
Deb Walts$4.0010/3/2012
Debra Haase$4.00Homedale, ID 836289/27/2012
Jessie Fullmer$4.00Pocatello, ID10/5/2012
Judy Swain$4.00Boise, ID, 8371610/3/2012
Kim Lewis$4.00Montplier, ID, 8325410/5/2012
Luana Walker$4.00Twin Falls, ID 833019/26/2012
Trish McClintock$4.00Boise, ID, 8371610/3/2012
Amy Adams$3.00Boise, ID, 8371310/5/2012
Annette Haag$3.00Orofino, ID 835449/25/2012
Brenda Kramer$3.00Boise, ID 837169/27/2012
Bruce Twitchell$3.00Hayden, ID, 8383510/3/2012
Cari Wenig$3.00Hayden, ID, 8383510/10/2012
Carol Wallace$3.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Carolyn Rudeck$3.00Boise, ID, 8370410/3/2012
Chad Gross$3.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/15/2012
Chalae Logan$3.00Boise, ID 837069/27/2012
Chari Page$3.00Chubbuck, ID, 8320210/5/2012
Charlotte Schafer$3.00Burley, ID, 8331810/9/2012
Cheryl Breeden$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/12/2012
Cheryl Spall$3.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Christine Baer$3.00Nampa, ID 836869/21/2012
Chubbuck All Star Pr$3.00Chubbuck, ID, 8320210/15/2012
Cindy Henderson$3.00Boise, ID 837069/27/2012
Colleen Hartshorne$3.00Lewiston, ID 835019/25/2012
Dannette Whitlock$3.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Darcy Duncan$3.00Boise, ID9/13/2012
Darin Gonzales$3.00Kimberly, ID 833419/19/2012
David Setterthwaite$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 10/12/2012
Dawn Shaw$3.00Boise, ID, 8370910/19/2012
Dayna Langford$3.00Boise, ID, 8371610/3/2012
Deanna Didier$3.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Debbie Harrington$3.00Boise, ID 837069/27/2012
Debbie Smite$3.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Deloa Zimmerman $3.00Burley, ID, 8331810/3/2012
Denise Balmer$3.00Chubbuck, ID 832029/27/2012
Diana Haugland$3.00Boise, ID, 8371310/5/2012
Donna Bishop$3.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/3/2012
Doralicia Riecke$3.00Boise, ID, 8371610/3/2012
Dorothy Wolpert$3.00Boise, ID, 8370410/15/2012
Emily Maestas$3.00Albion, ID, 8331110/3/2012
Emily Smith$3.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Emma Gavilio$3.0010/3/2012
Eric Rude$3.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Erica Bangerter$3.00Boise, ID, 8370610/3/2012
Erin Baeder$3.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
Frances Galloway$3.00Cataldo, ID 838109/21/2012
Gina Stricker$3.00Meridian, ID, 8364610/5/2012
Grace Ruddy$3.00Boise, ID 837099/27/2012
Gracie Adams$3.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Gregory Taylor$3.00Boise, ID, 8370310/3/2012
Hannah Schunuerle$3.00Boise, ID, 8370210/12/2012
Helen Iverson$3.00Twin Falls, ID, 8330110/16/2012
Hilary Ward$3.00Pocatello, ID 832029/27/2012
Jamie Russell$3.00Boise, ID, 8370910/9/2012
Jeff Farley$3.00Boise, ID 837169/27/2012
Jennifer Ashby$3.00Hayden, ID, 8383510/10/2012
Jennifer Carlson$3.0010/3/2012
Jessica Hoffman$3.00Boise, ID 837029/27/2012
Jill Bourgeau$3.00Boise, ID, 8370410/5/2012
Jim Downey$3.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Jo Johnson$3.0010/3/2012
Jody Webb$3.00Boise, ID, 8370410/3/2012
JoLyn Hancock$3.00Chubbuck, ID, 8320210/15/2012
Jonelle Warnock$3.00Boise, ID, 8370910/3/2012
Jonni Shockley$3.00Boise, ID, 8371210/5/2012
Judy Vanpeursem$3.00Boise, ID, 8371610/5/2012
Julie Rowland$3.00Ovid, ID, 8325410/5/2012
Karen Schwarzhoff$3.00Boise, ID 837098/30/2012
Karen Tripepi$3.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Kari Goellner$3.00Boise, Id, 8370310/3/2012
Kathryn Stuart$3.00Boise, ID, 8370610/5/2012
Kathy Taylor$3.00Boise, ID 837099/21/2012
Katie Walker$3.00Garden City, ID, 8371410/9/2012
Kay Hummel$3.00Boise, ID, 8370910/5/2012
Kaysi Beckley$3.00Boise, ID, 8370610/5/2012
Kim Thomas$3.0010/19/2012
Kim Uhlorn$3.00Winchester, ID 835559/25/2012
Kim Yearsley$3.00Hayden, ID, 8383510/3/2012
Kris Curnes$3.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Kris Olsen-Wood$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/10/2012
Kristi Groff$3.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Krysti Neil$3.00Pocatello, ID 832049/27/2012
LaDean Edwards$3.00Moscow, ID 838439/25/2012
Laura Reynolds$3.00Boise, ID, 8370210/5/2012
Laureen Belmont$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/3/2012
Laurie Zahm$3.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Lila Webster$3.00Boise, ID, 8371710/3/2012
Linda Jones$3.00Twin Falls, ID, 8330110/16/2012
Lindsey Yundt$3.00Boise, ID 837099/27/2012
Lisa Bassett$3.00Hayden, ID, 8383510/10/2012
Liz Barbee$3.00Boise, ID, 8371210/3/2012
Liz Caughlin$3.00Boise, ID 837028/30/2012
Liz Harris$3.00Boise, ID 837059/27/2012
Loranel Flatz$3.00Boise, ID 837059/27/2012
Lucy Dunn$3.00Boise, ID, 8370510/5/2012
Luke Franklin$3.00Garden City, ID 837149/13/2012
Lynda Burrup$3.00Inkom, ID, 8324510/5/2012
Lyndon Harriman$3.00Post Falls, ID 838549/21/2012
Lynn Sharz$3.008/30/2012
Maran Weatherby$3.00Boise, ID, 8370610/5/2012
Martin Glasser$3.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Marty Meyer$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/10/2012
Mary Karin Miller$3.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/16/2012
Mary Lee Ruch$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID 838159/21/2012
Matt Siron$3.00Eagle, ID, 8361610/5/2012
Melinda Genoway$3.00Lewiston, ID, 8350110/5/2012
Melissa Moreno$3.00Mountain Home, ID, 8364710/5/2012
Meyan Marshall$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/3/2012
Michelle Bishop$3.00Boise, ID 837098/30/2012
Michelle Cowman$3.00Boise, ID, 8370410/5/2012
Mike Goening$3.0010/3/2012
Mike Martin$3.00Boise, ID, 8370610/3/2012
Mike Price$3.00Bonners Ferry, ID 838058/30/2012
Misha Smith$3.00Boise, ID 837069/27/2012
Misty Gardner$3.00Garden City, ID 837148/30/2012
Mona Alfrey$3.00Silverton, ID 838679/21/2012
Monica Beaudoin$3.00Sandpoint, ID 838649/21/2012
Neal Richardson$3.00Pocatello, ID 9/27/2012
Nick Lieggi$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/12/2012
Nikki Cox$3.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Nina Chambers$3.0010/3/2012
Pam Cox$3.00Boise, ID 837028/30/2012
Pat Behm$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381410/12/2012
Patricia Borchers$3.00Moscow, ID 838439/25/2012
Paul Stark$3.00Meridian, ID 836469/13/2012
Phil Garcia$3.00Pocatello, ID 832019/27/2012
Richard and Jean Kohles$3.00Hayden, ID, 8383510/3/2012
Roma Hawes$3.00Boise, ID, 8370610/5/2012
Russ Redmon$3.00Nampa, ID, 8368710/5/2012
Sabrina Gary$3.00Boise, ID 837029/27/2012
Sara Wright$3.00Boise, ID 837169/27/2012
Sheila Shaw$3.00Boise, ID 837059/27/2012
Sherilyn Paris$3.00Boise, ID 837059/21/2012
Sherry Campbell$3.00Pocatello, ID, 8320410/5/2012
Shirley McFadden$3.00Athol, ID, 8380110/3/2012
Sue Sheppard$3.00Twin Falls, ID, 8330110/5/2012
Susan Huddleston$3.00Twin Falls, ID, 8330110/3/2012
Suzan Jahns$3.00Twin Falls, ID 833019/26/2012
Suzi Hoover$3.00Boise, ID, 8370210/3/2012
Tama Meyer$3.00Bonners Ferry, ID 838059/21/2012
Tamara Poelstra$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/3/2012
Tia Newell$3.00Boise, ID, 8371410/5/2012
Tim Fenton$3.00Idaho Falls, ID, 8340110/3/2012
Toni Birch$3.00Bern, ID, 8322010/5/2012
Victoria Morasch$3.00Moscow, ID, 8384310/10/2012
Virginia Thienes$3.00Boise, ID 837099/21/2012
Warren Ducote$3.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8381510/3/2012
Wendy Chapman $3.00Post Falls, ID 838549/21/2012
Wendy McFarland$3.00Meridian, ID, 8364210/5/2012
Wes Hunt$3.00Eagle, ID 836168/30/2012
Angie Cates$2.00Moore, ID 832558/30/2012
Cathy Litteneker$2.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Dawn Estrella$2.00Boise, ID 837169/27/2012
Debra Haas$2.00Boise, ID, 8370510/19/2012
Karol LaMoyne$2.00Hagerman, ID 833329/26/2012
Laura Mundy$2.00Boise, ID 837028/30/2012
Lori Emergy$2.00Boise, ID, 8370910/3/2012
Maria Fasset $2.00Rupert, ID 833509/19/2012
Mike Richard$2.00Boise, ID 837048/30/2012
Randy Dixon$2.00Pocatello, ID, 8320110/5/2012
Susan Whitney $2.00Twin Falls, ID 833019/26/2012
Kristin DeHass$1.00Coeur d'Alene, ID, 8384510/3/2012

Source: Idaho Secretary of State Campaign Finance Disclosure Forms


trio of controversial education laws passed the Idaho Legislature in 2011.  The laws, known as Students Come First, were conceived and championed by Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna.

At their most basic level, the laws do three things: limit collective bargaining rights for teachers, implement a merit pay system, and place an emphasis on technology in the classroom with the aim of giving each high school student in the state a laptop.

On Tuesday’s ballot, the laws will be referred to as Propositions 1, 2 and 3.  Yes votes on the propositions mean the education laws stay in place.  No votes on the propositions mean the education laws will be repealed.


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