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Morning News: Some Boise Airfares Up 20 Percent, Idaho Supreme Court Hears Hart’s Anti-Tax Case

Hart’s anti-tax battle goes to Supreme Court | The visiting Idaho Supreme Court considered oral arguments in Hart’s continuing fight against income taxes and the justices appeared to have little patience for the Athol lawmaker’s claims that the state constitution shields him from tax collectors. (

Some Boise round-trip airfares up an average of 20 percent in a year | Round-trip airline ticket prices to top destinations out of Boise increased by an average of 20 percent compared with last year, according to, an online travel agency. Expedia told the Idaho Statesman that its research indicates the increase in prices of flights from Boise to top cities including Phoenix, Denver and Salt Lake City is about triple the average national increase. (

Idaho takes aim at prison health care report | Attorneys for the Idaho Department of Correction say a court-ordered report on health care at a Boise-area prison is misleading and inaccurate. The scathing report by correctional health care expert Dr. Marc Stern is a key part of a long-running lawsuit between inmates at the Idaho State Correctional Institution and the state. (


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