Putting Education Reform To The Test

What The U.S. Can Learn From Schools In Finland, Poland and South Korea

Author Amanda Ripley visited the Diane Rehm Show today to discuss her new book “The Smartest Kids In The World.” Ripley followed U.S. students studying for a year in Finland, Poland and South Korea.

The vast majority of countries did
not manage to educate all their kids to high levels, not even all of their better-off kids. Compared to most countries, the United States was typical, not much better nor much worse. But, in a small number of countries, really just a handful of eclectic nations, something incredible was happening. Virtually
all kids were learning critical thinking skills in math, science, and reading. They weren’t just memorizing facts; they were learning to solve problems and adapt. That is to say, they weretraining to survive in the modern economy.

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