Putting Education Reform To The Test

State Analysis Says Florida Charter Schools Outperform District Schools

Once again, a state analysis says students in charter schools do better than peers in traditional schools. We’ve written before that University of Central Florida economist Stan Smith has challenged the quality of past state charter school reports.

Just like last year’s report, the dozens of charts and graphs show better outcomes in 2011-12 for the charter schools. The figures indicate that charter schools generally have lower gaps in achievement among demographic groups, and higher percentages of students achieving passing marks on the exams and making learning gains, even when broken into subgroups. Some of the differences are small, but others are significant.

It must be noted, of course, that charter schools serve about 184,000 children in 359 graded sites, compared to nearly 2.6 million students in just more than 2,700 graded traditional schools. Among those, charter schools had a higher percentage of A-rated schools (54 percent to 47 percent), but also a higher percentage of F-rated schools (5 percent to 1 percent).

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