Putting Education Reform To The Test

Federal Education Chief Defends Common Standards

Federal education secretary Arne Duncan says some people are “willfully misleading” in their criticisms of common education standards adopted by Florida and 44 other states. Duncan asked newspaper editors to investigate what’s true and false about the Common Core State Standards.

He called some of the claims opponents are making—that the standards and tests will lead to mind control, robots, and biometric brain mapping—just “wacky.” (My colleague over at State EdWatch has more about Duncan’s speech from the state perspective.)

Duncan called on his audience of journalists to use their jobs, their power, and their reach to investigate claims rather than just report the back-and-forth.

“As you know, good journalism is more than just claim and counterclaim. It’s investigating what’s true and false, what’s a responsible statement, and what’s not,” he said.

Read more at: blogs.edweek.org

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