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The program provides three levels of scholarship awards: Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) award – worth up to $100 per semester hour at a 4-year university Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) award – worth up to $75 per semester hour at a 4-year university Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV) award — worth up to $75 per […]

What Are the Financial Aid Options in Florida?

Students generally categorize college financial aid into two types: the “good kind” and the “bad kind.” The good type of financial aid being grants and scholarships–essentially free money. The bad type being student loans, which are factored into the financial aid award letters students receive before the start of the college school year. In order […]

Are You Aware Of The Changes To Bright Futures Scholarships?

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program was created in 1997 in an effort to keep the best and brightest Florida high school graduates in the state by offering scholarships for postsecondary education in Florida. The Florida Legislature created the program to reward students for their academic achievements during high school. The merit-based program offers three levels […]


Algebra Isn’t Enough: Make Precalculus A Bright Futures Requirement

While Florida’s Bright Futures scholarships no longer pay the entire tuition bill at the state’s public universities as they once did, they are still a valuable source of financial support for thousands of students. Recent increases in the minimum scores on SAT and ACT college entrance exams required for Bright Futures eligibility have sparked some […]

State Universities Want $45 Million To Offset Bright Futures Changes

State university leaders want to add $45 million in needs-based financial aid to help make up for changes to the Bright Futures scholarship program. Those new, higher qualifications will eliminate more than $250 million a year in college aid by 2018. The State University System Board of Governors will discuss the proposal today. UPDATE: The […]

New Bright Futures Rules Changing College Plans For Florida Students

Most new Palm Beach College Students were going through orientation earlier this month, but Jake Seiler was wrapping up his first three courses. Despite earning the highest SAT scores of his two siblings — 1100, on six attempts — Seiler didn’t score high enough this year to earn the Bright Futures Florida Medallion scholarship his […]

Half As Many Students Will Meet Tougher Bright Futures Scholarship Requirements

About half as many students will qualify for Bright Futures scholarships when the school year begins this fall as did during the current year, according to new estimates from the Florida College Access Network. That’s because lawmakers have steadily increased requirements for the primarily lottery-funded scholarships, raising minimum scores required on the SAT and ACT […]

More Than Half of Black and Hispanic Students Will No Longer Qualify For Bright Futures Scholarships

More than half of Florida’s Hispanic and black students at state universities currently eligible for the state’s Bright Futures college scholarship would no longer qualify when new standards take effect on July 1, according to a University of South Florida analysis obtained by the Florida College Access Network. By comparison, about 40 percent of white […]

Bright Futures Scholarships May Soon Require Less Paperwork

With no discussion or fanfare, the Senate Education Committee has approved a bill that would remove a small piece of red tape for students who want to receive Bright Futures scholarships. Under the bill, SB 680, students would not be required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA requirement went […]

Government Watchdog Recommends Tougher Bright Futures Requirements

Bright Futures money is being targeted again, this time by a government watchdog group that says the state should raise requirements for the merit-based scholarship program. The lottery revenues which fund the scholarships aren’t stretching as far as they used to. Lawmakers made changes to the Bright Futures program in recent years, as more college […]

Lawmaker Changes His Mind About Bright Futures Bill

A Florida lawmaker who filed a bill that would make Bright Futures recipients stay in Florida after graduation seems to have changed his mind. A spokesman for Rep. Jimmie Smith, R-Lecanto, told the Orlando Sentinel that Smith will withdraw the bill that was filed this month. It would have required college graduates to stay and […]

Florida Bright Futures Scholarships By The Numbers

We’ve spent the week looking at how Bright Futures scholarships have changed over the last fifteen years. Bottom line: More students are getting the money, but the awards aren’t going as far as they used to in covering the cost of college or university tuition. The program establishes three lottery-funded scholarships for high academic achievers. […]