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This Dam Holds in Lady Bird Lake, So When Will It Get ‘Essential’ Repairs?

The poor condition of the dam that holds in the waters of Austin’s beloved Lady Bird Lake continues to vex city officials.  Emails obtained in a public information request reveal challenges the city faced in performing maintenance on Longhorn Dam, which crosses the Colorado River beneath Pleasant Valley Road. Documents tell of water lost through the [...]

How Texas Challenges The Power Of Cities And Their Citizens

In a speech last month, Governor Greg Abbott said his state was becoming more like California because cities are banning things like fracking or the cutting down of trees. The Texas Legislature may soon debate passing laws to stop those local initiatives. But is that so new? When Governor Abbott expressed dismay at what city governments [...]

Environmental Group Wants Loophole Closed On Oil And Gas Pollution

Lawsuit Filed in Washington Hits Home With Houston’s Biggest Industry According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the biggest source of air pollution in Texas are oil and gas wells, emitting far more pollution than petrochemical plants or refineries. Yet, federal law exempts those drilling operations from having to report all their chemical releases to [...]

Tragedies In Texas: Why Senators Say New Chemical Safety Rules Are Needed

Accidents at facilities that handle dangerous chemicals in Texas were at the center of a hearing in Washington. Accidents at facilities that handle dangerous chemicals in Texas were at the center of a hearing in Washington. Some senators are pressing for quick action to reduce the risk of deadly chemical leaks and explosions. They wanted to [...]

Federal Investigators: Chemical Industry Has A Safety Crisis

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board says the industry it oversees is experiencing a safety crisis. The board investigates industrial accidents. It says recent deadly explosions and chemical leaks in Texas make a strong case for action. It’s been a tragic couple of years for some people who work around dangerous chemicals in Texas. “Fertilizer plant [...]

Texas Grid Operator Says Clean Energy Plan Could Raise Bills and Lead to Blackouts

The clean energy plan put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency aims to combat climate change by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by power plants.  But it may come at a price, according to a report released Monday by theElectric Reliability Council of Texas, the group that manages much of Texas electric grid. The report says electricity [...]

Climate Deal Puts Spotlight on Carbon Capture Technology

The deal that the U.S. and China have struck to curb carbon emissions has been hailed as a breakthrough by many concerned with climate change, and panned by politicians opposed to President Obama. But it’s also captured the interest of a group of researchers — some in Texas — who specialize in carbon capture and [...]

Denton Voted To Ban Fracking. So Now What?

This week Denton, Texas became the first city in the state to ban fracking within its city limits. The ban passed with nearly 59 percent of the vote. Many in Denton worry about how fracking and associated activities impact their health and quality of life.  But opponents say the ban is bad for the economy. The drilling industry, which [...]

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