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What Can Texas Do About Roads Damaged by Drilling?

The Texas Department of Transportation gave an update Wednesday on their current measures to repair damaged rural roads in the Eagle Ford Shale. During a Texas Senate Transportation Committee on Transportation hearing, TxDOT highlighted a $500-million solution enacted by the state to rehabilitate damaged roads linked to heavy oil and gas related traffic in the [...]

Fatigue Linked To Dozens Of Fatal Crashes Involving Oilfield Workers

From Houston Public Media: State Highway 72 cuts through the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas. The two-lane artery links oil boomtowns like Kenedy and Tilden to the Three Rivers Valero refinery. Local residents call the highway “Death Row.” “Every week someone dies, just about,” says Steve Alaniz, a construction manager based [...]

Army Nuclear Reactor Barge Headed For Dismantling In Galveston

Sometime this winter, an historic sea vessel will float into Galveston. But you won’t be able to take a tour of it. In fact, you probably won’t be allowed to get close to it. Because the big barge is radioactive. A half century ago, the U.S. Army came up with what sounded like a great [...]

Finding Land For Boom In Freight Trains

A growing Texas economy means thousands more rail cars are needed to keep up with the increasing flow of oil, petrochemicals and other goods. But the challenge is to find a suitable place to build huge rail yards that can cover hundreds of acres and handle thousands of rail cars a day. Since 2009, one [...]

Where Cotton Is King, Controversy Erupts Over Rail Yard

If it seems like you’re spending more time in Houston stuck waiting at railroad crossings, there’s a reason. Compared to just five years ago, there are hundreds of thousands more railcars crisscrossing Texas. Demand from the oil & gas industry is a big factor. To keep up, railroad companies are building more tracks. But not [...]

Who’s Getting The Best Deals On Electricity In Texas?

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images During a meeting of the Texas Public Utility Commission, its former chairman, Barry Smitherman, gave Texans one more reason to love their state and for others to envy it: low, low prices for electricity. “If you use the best available price in the market place from a retail electric [...]

Echoes Of The Past In Today’s Petrochemical Building Boom

From Houston Public Media:  The Texas petrochemical industry is in the midst of its biggest expansion in decades. That’s thanks largely to the availability of cheap natural gas, used both for fuel and as a raw material. It’s hardly the first time the region has seen this scenario. Barbara Shook is senior reporter-at-large for Energy [...]

Oil And Gas Industry Added 10,500 Jobs In Second Quarter

From Houston Public Media: The oil and gas industry added 10,500 new jobs over the second quarter, according to industry news service Rigzone. That’s a two-thirds increase over the same period in 2013. Between April and June, companies in the oil and gas sector added more than 4,000 new positions in Texas. That gave the Lone [...]

Environmental Group Says Illegal Diesel Fracking Used in Texas

An environmental group says it’s found over a hundred oil or gas wells being drilled in Texas using techniques that the group says are illegal. At issue is “fracking” which injects huge quantities of water and chemicals deep underground. Fracking is what’s revolutionized drilling in Texas. The technique uses all sorts of chemicals including acids [...]

Are Companies at Risk when the CEO is in the Cockpit?

Houston had the third highest number of CEOs with pilot licenses according to a study assessing risk-taking among executives

It’s a sign of success: having your own plane and being your own pilot. In fact, Houston ranks third in the nation for the number of corporate chief executives who have pilot licenses. Dallas ranks sixth. But as highlighted by a tragedy earlier this spring in West Texas, there may be an added risk. But [...]

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