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Court Thwarts Sierra Club’s Radioactive Waste Challenge

From the Texas Tribune: A state appeals court has thwarted a challenge to a low-level radioactive waste disposal site in West Texas – a ruling that signals growing difficulties for those trying to scrutinize the decisions of Texas environmental regulators. Depending on whom you ask, such a trend would either rightly save companies time and money or [...]

Experts Fear Impacts of Oil Cleanup on Texas Gulf Coast

MATAGORDA ISLAND, TX — Recovery efforts continue weeks after a barge accident in the Houston Ship Channel dumped tens of thousands of barrels of oil into Galveston Bay. That oil kills wildlife and damages the environment. But some are worried the cleanup itself could also disturb the ecosystem along the Texas Gulf Coast. Nowhere is [...]

This is What the Oil Spill Looks Like on Matagorda Island

Weeks after a large oil spill in Galveston Bay, it’s still having an impact on sensitive wildlife habitats along the Texas Gulf Coast. On Wednesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service took reporters to see the impacts on Matagorda Island, an important wildlife refuge for migratory birds and several endangered species. Workers are now busy cleaning up [...]

Four Years After BP Spill, Settlement Money Slowly Trickles In

In the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, the worst in US history, the Gulf Coast is still adding up the costs of the disaster on coastal species and the ecosystem as a whole. In the National Wildlife Federation’s updated annual report on the status of the Gulf Coast, the foundation lists several criminal [...]

What a Ban on Fracking in Denton Could Mean For the Rest of Texas

Flaring at a well in Brazos County, Texas.

Come elections in November, the city of Denton could be split between two very different futures. The Denton Drilling Awareness Group (DAG) recently got enough signatures on a petition to place an ordinance banning fracking within city limits on local ballots. Though other communities in Texas have passed restrictions on fracking, a moratorium on drilling [...]

Let’s Talk About ‘The Boom’

New Book Looks at How Fracking Changed Everything If you ever talk about the surge in oil and gas drilling in Texas and the rest of the country by calling it a “boom,” you might upset someone in the oil and gas industry. That’s because if you call it a “boom,” that means at some [...]

Giddy Up! Now You Can Buy Your Very Own Oil Well

Larissa Liska A jointly-owned oil rig atop the Eagle Ford shale south of San Antonio. But That Could Spell Trouble for Texas’ Drilling Boom From the first geyser to burst from the salt domes of Spindletop to the Texas fracking pioneer George Mitchell, who helped unlock massive oil and gas deposits in shale, the Lone Star [...]

Originally Meant for New Mexico, Diverted Nuclear Waste Arrives in West Texas

A truckload of radioactive waste that was originally meant to wind up at a storage site in Carlsbad, New Mexico arrived in West Texas today. It was just the first of many that will be crossing the state line into Andrews Countyover the coming months. The waste was initially headed for theWaste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, [...]

Here’s What The Galveston Bay Oil Spill Looks Like

Responders are scrambling to contain the slimy mess left by an oil spill in Galveston Bay. After a barge carrying tar-like heavy fuel collided with a vessel in the Houston Ship Channel on Saturday, cargo exports and imports have been put on hold. That’s raised concerns about the impact on Texas’ oil-dependent economy. The Coast Guard says [...]

Texas Still Learning When It Comes to Oil Spill Response

Two dozen boats and over 500 people are now involved in the response to an oil spill from Saturday that closed the Houston Ship Channel. What spilled was a heavy fuel oil, called bunker fuel, which was carried in a barge that collided with a ship. Up to 168,000 gallons were dumped into the channel. [...]

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