Drought, wildfires, and extreme weather — is this the new normal for Texas?

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Next 3 Months ‘Huge’ In Preventing Brutal Texas Summer

Texans looking for relief from the drought are eagerly anticipating the chances of an El Niño event starting this summer, which could bring much wetter conditions. But the focus should actually be on the near-term, according to Victor Murphy, climate service program manager for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Fort Worth. Murphy says that the [...]

‘Seeds Of Time:’ Inside the Noah’s Ark for Climate Change

) “The Fate of Humankind Rests Upon These Genetic Resources” On a hillside in Norway near the North Pole sits a large, angular vault jutting out of the mountain. It’s an area so cold there are literally signs warning of polar-bear crossings on the roads nearby. Inside this icy vault? Nearly a million types of seeds, frozen [...]

How a Common Fungus Is Protecting the Earth from a Climate Change Nightmare

There is more carbon dioxide stored in the ground than in the air around us. If those all that greenhouse gas escapes, it could be catastrophic for the earth. Now, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin thinks he’s found the key that keeps much of it locked away. It’s research that could [...]

To Adapt to Climate Change in Texas, No ‘One Size Fits All’ Solution

Texas is a state so huge that it experiences several different climate conditions, from the subtropical Eastern half (think swamps and hurricanes) to the semiarid West (desert and snow in the winter). As such, the state must wear a variety of hats as it navigates a changing climate. A new study from Arizona State University [...]

Could 2014 Be a Drought-Buster for Texas?

In Spanish, El Niño means “the boy child.” But if El Niño predictions for late 2014 prove correct, winter rainfall in Texas could be anything but little.  The deceptively-named weather pattern generally brings rain to Texas. Lots of it. El Niño occurs when warm water buried below the surface of the Pacific rises up and [...]

Why We Could See More Cold Snaps in a Warming World

As Central and South Texas see ice, sleet and freezes for the second time in a week, climate change skeptics have taken to Twitter to express their disbelief: Y’all know how I know #GlobalWarming (aka #ClimateChange) isn’t real!? In Texas, we’re getting snow & ice w/ in hours of 80 degree weather. — Ydur (@YdurZatara) [...]

Climate Change Could Lead to More Massive Fish Kills in Texas

Dead fish washed ashore during a toxic bloom of golden alga in Canyon Lakes in Lubbock, Texas.

From the Asian Carp to the Zebra Mussel, Texas has its fair share of invasive species. Some of them get a lot of attention (I’m looking at you, voracious feral hog). Others tend to sneak under the radar even when they damage ecosystems. Take Golden Algae. Originally from Europe, the microscopic plant was discovered on the Pecos River in [...]

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