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Wolf’s budget would restore bulk of funding for Delaware River Basin Commission

In a reverse from the previous administration’s budget, Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed plan would restore much of Pennsylvania’s share of funding to the Delaware River Basin Commission. Former governor Tom Corbett had slashed in half Pennsylvania’s contribution to the multi-state commission in last year’s budget. Corbett cut the DRBC’s funding while maintaining funds to the [...]

Court rules federal regulators must consider cumulative impacts of pipeline project

Regulators violated federal law by not considering the cumulative environmental impacts of multiple upgrades to a natural gas pipeline that runs from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, a federal appeals court said on Friday. Three environmental groups argued the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) should not have been allowed to conduct an environmental review for one [...]

Environmentalists Throw Cold Water on Efforts to Amend Good Samaritan Act

Earlier this week, we told you about efforts to use polluted water from abandoned mines to frack natural gas wells. Some energy companies say they’d be happy to use mine drainage rather than fresh water but they want to be sure that they won’t also get stuck with liability for cleaning up the mine water [...]

Using Abandoned Mine Drainage to Frack

In the Susquehanna River Basin, just one well can use an average of 4.4 million gallons of water during a frack job, which can last several days to a week. The majority of that water comes from Pennsylvania’s rivers and streams. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 miles of streams polluted by abandoned coalmine drainage flow through Pennsylvania’s forests, [...]

Army Corps Still Reviewing Tennessee Gas Pipeline Access

Environmentalists opposed to the construction of a natural gas pipeline in Northeast Pennsylvania are pinning their hopes on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to halt the project. “The Army Corps of Engineers could make a big difference here,” said Faith Zerbe, a field biologist with the Delaware Riverkeeper Network. The Riverkeeper Network opposes the [...]

Pipeline Protests Shift From Courts to Direct Action

Two protestors in northeast Pennsylvania are trying to halt the clearing of trees to make way for an expanding natural gas pipeline in Pike County. Allison Petryk and Alex Lotorto handcuffed themselves to a gate in the Delaware State Forest on Monday and Tuesday, blocking access to tree felling crews. The Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast [...]

Fractivists Urge DRBC to Regulate Pipeline Construction

The Delaware River Basin Commission continues to remain silent on new drilling regulations for the watershed. The commissioners may be waiting for New York to complete its regulatory update. But the most recent news from Gov. Cuomo’s office did not indicate those rules are coming soon. In the meantime, pipeline construction in Pennsylvania is booming. [...]

Pennsylvania Renews Delaware River Compact

Making sure the Delaware River’s water gets distributed among the 15 million people who depend on it requires cooperation among four states. Today, Pennsylvania DEP, along with New York, New Jersey, Delaware and New York City, announced the renewal of their commitment to a compact established by a U.S. Supreme Court decree back in 1954. [...]

Shale Gas Wells With Smaller Footprint to Get Greater Scrutiny

One of the first Marcellus Shale wells to be permitted in the Delaware River watershed was neither horizontal, or hydraulically fracked. But environmentalists who challenged the permit issued by the Department of Environmental Protection say state regulators who approved the project took less than 35 minutes to review it and did not consider its impact [...]

Corbett Says More Money Needed for the Delaware River Deepening Project

Governor Corbett praised the release of $16.9 million federal dollars to continue dredging the Delaware river. In his annual budget address, Corbett said 75,000 jobs would be created or saved by the deepening project. The controversial dredging of the Delaware is opposed by environmentalists. But Corbett says the widening of the Panama Canal means larger [...]

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