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Carbon emissions from U.S. energy sector decline, global increase continues

Energy-related carbon emissions fell 3.8 percent last year, according to new data released by the federal Energy Information Administration. The Washington Post explains why the downward trend in the U.S. may not last: For one, carbon dioxide emissions for energy have already risen 2.6 percent (year over year) in the first half of 2013, according to preliminary [...]

On oil embargo’s 40th anniversary, has shale drilling changed the game?

Speaking to a ballroom packed with members of the natural gas industry at a conference in Philadelphia last month, Lt. Governor Jim Cawley recalled with disdain the days of waiting on gas lines to fill up cars, trucks, and lawn mowers. Some members of the audience nodded along, perhaps stirred by their own memories of 1973. [...]

DEP publishes climate report a year and a-half late, second report still overdue

A year and a-half after it was due, the state Department of Environmental Protection has published a legally-mandated report about how climate change will affect the state. The document was released online earlier this week with little fanfare– a press release wasn’t issued. A second climate report outlining ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions is [...]

Obama’s energy, climate change advisor is leaving the administration

President Obama’s top advisor on climate change and energy issues, Heather Zichal, 37, is stepping down from her post. In a statement, White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough praised Zichal’s work in helping the administration develop a plan to address America’s contribution to global warming. She also led a federal task force on hydraulic [...]

U.K. Study: Shale Gas Won’t Hurt Climate Change Targets

A government report released today by the United Kingdom finds shale gas extraction won’t adversely affect efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. From Bloomberg: The research by David Mackay and Timothy Stone was published after anti-fracking protesters disrupted drilling by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. in Balcombe, England. It’s a rebuke to critics of fracking who say greenhouse-gas [...]

Pennsylvania’s Climate Change Future: Read The Missing Report

A pair of legally-mandated reports outlining how climate change will affect Pennsylvania are currently a year overdue. The state’s Climate Change Act required the publication of both reports in 2009, followed by an update every three years. Both documents were due last year, but they’re still under review, and the state Department of Environmental Protection [...]

DEP Attempted To Suppress Controversial Study That Criticized Shale Gas

A state report outlining how climate change will impact Pennsylvania is currently a year and a half late – and there’s still no indication of when it will be released publicly. The Department of Environmental Protection missed its legally-mandated deadline to publish the report in the spring of 2012. Today at a meeting of the DEP’s Climate [...]

Climate Scientists Emphasize Human Role In Climate Change

An international panel of climate scientists has found that the human influence on temperature increases and other benchmarks of global warming is “extremely likely” and is predicting a three-foot rise in seal level if emissions go unchecked. Their findings are from a leaked draft of the next United Nations Climate report which will be finalized [...]

Corbett Administration Ignoring Pennsylvania’s Climate Change Law

Despite widespread scientific agreement about the risks of climate change, the issue has become highly politicized. After President Obama recently announced his plans to tackle global warming, Governor Corbett called the proposal a war on coal and jobs. While the Corbett administration is critical of federal action on the issue, it’s also been ignoring a [...]

FirstEnergy Corp Shuttering Two Western PA Coal Plants

Reuters reports a pair of Western Pennsylvania coal plants will close by early October. FirstEnergy Corp cited the increased cost of complying with environmental regulations. The company expects the closings will impact 380 employees at the Hatfield’s Ferry plant in Masontown and the Mitchell Power Station in Courtney. From Reuters: Together, the company said the plants [...]

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