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Pennsylvania's Missing Climate Reports


The Corbett administration spent more than a year ignoring a Pennsylvania law requiring the release of two reports about climate change.

A 2008 law known as the Pennsylvania Climate Change Act directs the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to publish the reports. One is an overall climate change impact assessment. The other is an action plan for lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The reports were first published in 2009, and the law requires updates every three years. Both were due in 2012.

Since that deadline passed, the former head of the DEP publicly questioned climate science, the department’s policy office attempted to suppress peer reviewed research, and the staffer charged with overseeing the climate change reports resigned out of frustration.

In December 2013, Governor Corbett’s nominee to run the DEP said in his confirmation hearing he was not aware climate change can cause harm. The governor’s top energy adviser has also recently expressed skepticism about climate science.

StateImpact Pennsylvania takes a closer look at what’s going on in the online series, “Pennsylvania’s Missing Climate Reports”.




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