Shale Play

Natural Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania

Well: Yarasavage 1H



Since Jan. 1, 2009

  • No violations
  • One or more violations

Violation Details

Carrizo (Marcellus) Llc has been fined $285,946 for violations in Pennsylvania (since Jan. 2009)

Inspection Date Code Type Resolved
3/13/2013 Pit and tanks not constructed with sufficient capacity to contain pollutional substances. Administrative 5/2/2014
3/13/2013 Failure to properly store, transport, process or dispose of a residual waste. Environmental Health and Safety 5/2/2014
3/13/2013 Discharge of pollultional material to waters of Commonwealth. Environmental Health and Safety 5/2/2014
3/13/2013 Operator shall prevent gas and other fluids from lower formations from entering fresh groundwater. Environmental Health and Safety 5/2/2014
1/25/2012 Failure to notify DEP of pollution incident. No phone call made forthwith Administrative 1/27/2012
1/25/2012 Failure to adopt pollution prevention measures required or prescribed by DEP by handling materials that create a danger of pollution. Environmental Health and Safety 1/27/2012

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