Shale Play

Natural Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania

Well: Lyncott Corporation Gu 2H



Since Jan. 1, 2009

  • No violations
  • One or more violations

Violation Details

Southwestern Energy Prod Co has been fined $142,197 for violations in Pennsylvania (since Jan. 2009)

Inspection Date Code Type Resolved
12/7/2011 Failure to design, implement or maintain BMPs to minimize the potential for accelerated erosion and sedimentation. Administrative 8/27/2013
12/7/2011 E&S Plan not adequate Administrative 8/27/2013
12/7/2011 Failure to implement Special Protection BMPs for HQ or EV stream. Administrative 8/27/2013
12/7/2011 Drilling w/in 100 ft of surface water or wetland w/o variance Administrative 8/27/2013
11/22/2011 Failure to submit well record within 30 days of completion of drilling Administrative 12/26/2012

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