Shale Play

Natural Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania

Well: Ken Ton 902 1H

Operated by

Swepi Lp



Since Jan. 1, 2009

  • No violations
  • One or more violations

Violation Details

Swepi Lp has been fined $25,000 for violations in Pennsylvania (since Jan. 2009)

Inspection Date Code Type Resolved
12/10/2010 No E&S plan developed, plan not on site Administrative 2/11/2011
12/10/2010 Failure to take all necessary measures to prevent spill. Inadequate diking, potential pollution Environmental Health and Safety 2/11/2011
12/10/2010 Failure to properly install the permit number, issued by the department, on a completed well. Administrative 2/11/2011
10/28/2010 Failure to properly store, transport, process or dispose of a residual waste. Environmental Health and Safety 9/13/2011
10/28/2010 Discharge of pollultional material to waters of Commonwealth. Environmental Health and Safety 9/13/2011

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