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Methane from Appalachian coal could generate carbon credits in California

Methane emissions from coal mines in Pennsylvania and West Virginia could soon become a valuable commodity on California’s cap-and-trade carbon market. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports a company called Verdeo has struck such a deal with one of Pennsylvania’s biggest coal producers. Verdeo would pay Consol Energy to destroy the methane emitted from vents at a [...]

Shell actively exploring Western Pa. cracker project

Royal Dutch Shell’s decision about whether to build a multibillion dollar ethane cracker in Beaver County could still be several years off, but the Associated Press has found that the company is actively taking steps to explore the site. More from the Associated Press: Shell has an option to buy the industrial site in Monaca [...]

EPA scales back on ethanol requirements

The EPA is cutting back on the amount of corn-based ethanol American refineries will be required to blend into their gasoline supplies, a victory for the oil industry and lawmakers who have been fighting the mandate. That means what you’re pumping at the gas station will have less ethanol in it, an alcohol made from [...]

Economists question Corbett’s Marcellus Shale jobs claims

Governor Tom Corbett, who faces tough poll numbers when it comes to his hopes for re-election, formally launched his campaign today in Pittsburgh, highlighting the state’s Marcellus Shale industry as one of the key successes of his time in office. “The energy industry in Pennsylvania is now supporting the livelihoods of over 200,000 people and [...]

Compressed natural gas fueling stations in Southwest Pa. could double

Pennsylvania may be Marcellus Shale central, but there are only 26 compressed natural gas stations across the entire state. That may be why you’re not going to be filling up on natural gas at the pump any time soon (or you could ask the mayor of Williamsport). But if you live in Southwest Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh [...]

As earnings slide, Shell CEO says company faces “hard choices”

As Royal Dutch Shell saw its third quarter earnings slide, outgoing chief executive Peter Voser says the company will face “hard choices” in the next few quarters about where to invest capital. From the Pittsburgh Business Times: One of those potential projects, of course, is the proposed petrochemical plant for Beaver County. Shell hasn’t released a [...]

Where do Pennsylvania’s gas industry jobs numbers come from?

It seems like a simple question: how many Pennsylvanians work in the Marcellus Shale industry? The answer depends on how you decide to count. One of Governor Corbett’s recent campaign commercials touts the natural gas industry as “supporting over 200,000 jobs.” Corbett’s Energy Executive, Patrick Henderson, puts the figure around “a quarter-million people at minimum” [...]

NPR: Protecting fuel supplies post-Sandy

Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that Philadelphia Energy Solutions was shut down during Hurricane Sandy. The refinery remained open, but did shut down some units. Other units remained in “standby” mode. One year ago today, Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the eastern seaboard. The storm knocked out power for more than one [...]

Why the mayor of Williamsport got rid of his natural gas-powered car [UPDATED]

If you ask Williamsport Mayor Gabriel Campana (R) about the natural gas industry, he’ll say he’s a big supporter. “It’s clean, it’s cheap, and it’s pro-American,” he tells StateImpact Pennsylvania. “It’s been a positive thing for our city.” Campana was so positive about natural gas, he bought a used Honda Civic that runs on compressed [...]

Consol Energy sells coal assets, looks to boost natural gas production

Consol Energy has been mining coal since the American Civil War, but today the Cecil-based company has announced it is selling the subsidiary that started it all. Murray Energy Corp. will pay $850 million in cash for the Consolidation Coal Company, including five mines in West Virginia. The Ohio-based mining company will also buy up [...]

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