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Supreme Court Sides With Ethanol Over Oil

The federal Environmental Protection Agency approved the use of fuel containing up to 15% ethanol in 2010, and today, the court decided not to hear a challenge to that decision.

Cushing Oil Hub Will Grow With or Without Keystone XL, Pipeline Exec. Says

The northern portion of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is still awaiting President Barack Obama’s approval, but even if the project was stopped, Oklahoma’s oil hub in Cushing would continue to grow, a pipeline industry advocate said Wednesday. Keystone XL is designed to carry crude oil from Canada’s tar sands through Oklahoma on its way [...]

What Would Happen if an F5 Tornado Hit Oklahoma’s Cushing Oil Hub?

cushing horizon

It’s hard to imagine a worse setting: A seemingly endless horizon of giant steel storage tanks holding 50 million barrels of crude oil, a spiderweb of pipelines, pumps, compressors and terminals, and a critical confluence of big corporations and international energy market money. And a city of about 8,000 nearby. Law enforcement has long feared [...]

Why West Texas Intermediate Lost Its Status, and What it Means for Oklahoma

Cushing Crossroads

The U.S. Energy Information Agency used to use West Texas Intermediate as the price benchmark for its oil forecasts. But not anymore. The agency will has dumped WTI, which is priced at Oklahoma’s Cushing oil hub, and will use North Sea Brent for its energy outlook. So why did the oil lose its status? The blame [...]

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