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Policy related to Oklahoma’s water, wildlife and outdoors.

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State Regulators: Stricter Ozone Standard Would be Hard for Oklahoma to Meet

Ozone is a major contributor to smog, seen here blanketing Los Angeles.

In Oklahoma, local government officials say tougher rules aren’t needed because ozone levels are already improving, and the state Department of Environmental Quality says the state would have a hard time meeting the proposed rules, which would reduce ozone standard from 75 parts per billon to between 65 and 70.

EPA Rejects Texas’ Plan to Reduce Haze at Oklahoma Wildlife Refuge

Oklahoma’s largest utility companies will spend more than $1 billion to upgrade coal-fired power plants or retire them in favor of natural gas, all to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Regional Haze Rule, which is meant to improve visibility at national parks and wildlife refuges. But as StateImpact reported, the haze issues at [...]

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