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Oklahoma House Unanimously Approves Bill Reducing Wind Industry Subsidies

The Oklahoma House of Representatives on Monday voted 89-0 to approve proposed legislation that would significantly reduce the amount of tax incentives paid to the wind industry. House Bill 1554 was authored by Rep. Earl Sears, R-Bartlesville, who has pledged to curtail tax credits and incentives whose cost has ballooned along with Oklahoma’s booming wind [...]

Why State and Federal Agencies Record Different Oklahoma Earthquake Numbers


Earthquake magnitude estimations often vary wildly between the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the U.S. Geological Survey. The OGS usually reports smaller earthquakes than its federal counterpart. Since 2010, the OGS reported smaller numbers than the USGS “more than half of the time for earthquakes of magnitude 3.8 and higher,” the Tulsa World’s Ziva Branstetter and [...]

House Committee Advances Bill Placing Location Restrictions on New Wind Farms

A bill adding new regulations and oversight of Oklahoma’s booming wind industry passed a House committee on Tuesday. House Bill 1549, one of several bills filed in the 2015 Legislature that target the wind industry, places limits on where companies can build new wind farms. The proposed measure would prevent new wind farms from being [...]

The Science of Oil and Gas-Related Earthquakes is ‘Ready for Application,’ USGS Says

"Coping with earthquakes induced by fluid injection," was published Feb. 20, 2014 in the journal Science.

A new peer-reviewed paper published in the journal Science urges greater partnership between industry, government agencies and researchers in responding to the consequences of earthquakes triggered by oil and gas activity. The paper, authored by the U.S. Geological Survey and other federal scientists, as well as state seismologists, including the Oklahoma Geological Survey’s Austin Holland, [...]

Frequent Small Earthquakes Raise Risk of Bigger Ones in Oklahoma, Study Suggests

The daily occurrence of small earthquakes linked to oil and gas drilling in Oklahoma increases the likelihood of larger earthquakes, new research suggests. “The chances are still small, but we know that from earthquakes the real potential for trouble is in those very unlikely large-magnitude earthquakes,” says geophysicist William Ellsworth of the U.S. Geological Survey, [...]

As Legislators Debate Property Tax Exemption, State Chamber Says Wind Incentives Work

Oklahoma lawmakers have filed legislation reeling in tax credits and economic incentives for the wind industry, which have been described as overly generous and too costly. One incentive in the crosshairs is a five-year exemption on local property taxes installed in 1985, which is reimbursed by the state to schools, counties and CareerTech centers, The [...]

Watch Oklahoma Overtake California in Earthquakes

Post by Reveal.   Oklahoma experienced more than three times as many earthquakes as California last year, an uptick many geophysicists say is likely linked to wastewater disposal wells used by the oil and gas industry. The Center for Public Integrity’s Reveal team has produced a compelling animation of the shaking, which covers a timeline [...]

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