The economic and environmental impact of Oklahoma’s energy industry.

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What Oklahoma Can Learn From a Municipal Ban on Fracking in Texas

Driven by water worries, safety questions and quality of life concerns, residents in Oklahoma and states other the country have pushed for citywide bans on hydraulic fracturing. Many of those efforts have proved successful, but, in the end, fracking bans might be more about lawyers than voters.

As Oklahoma Economists Eye Slumping Oil Prices, Energy Executives Urge Calm

Crude oil prices have plummeted to the lowest level in three years, a slump analysts say is fueled by reduced demand due to stalling growth in Europe and China, and booming supply from domestic production in the U.S. In Oklahoma — a state where, historically, finances have risen and fallen with the fortunes of the [...]

Rush of Small Wind and Solar Installations as Regulators Prepare for Fee Requests

Customers wanting to generate power from small wind turbines and solar panels without being assessed fees rushed to make sure such installations were fully operational by Saturday, Nov. 1. The deadline was imposed by Senate Bill 1456, which “requires utilities to account for potential costs those customers impose” on electric utilities, The Journal Record‘s Sarah [...]

Hearing on Disposal Well Rules Exposes Gaps in State’s Earthquake Response

Oklahoma’s earthquake surge is unrelenting. The shaking is rattling residents and cracking the foundations of homes. The quakes have also strained state agencies, which are struggling to keep up with the ongoing swarm while simultaneously developing a longer-term plan to analyze and address factors that might be triggering the earthquakes.

Debate About Competition and Cost at Senate Panel on Wind Incentives

Frank Robson, a wind farm opponent and property developer from Claremore, Okla., at an Oct. 21 Senate hearing on tax incentives for the wind industry.

Members of the state Senate Finance Committee heard testimony on Tuesday from the wind industry and a representative of a group of property owners pushing for stricter regulation of wind farms. The Senate study centered on the cost-benefit of tax credits and incentives used by the wind industry. Supporters said Oklahoma’s incentives attract projects that [...]

Rumbles of New Scrutiny as Quakes Continue to Surge in Oklahoma

Gov. Mary Fallin and Michael Teague, Secretary of Energy and Environment, talk to reporters at the Governor's Energy Conference in 2014.

Oklahoma’s earthquake surge and possible links to oil and gas activity have been studied in scientific papers, discussed at heated town-hall meetings and explored regulatory hearings. The quakes are now triggering some rumblings at the state Capitol.

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