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Get to Know Your Ohio Department of Education


The Ohio Department of Education oversees the state’s public education system, which includes public school districts, joint vocational school districts and charter schools. The department also monitors educational service centers, other regional education providers, early learning and childcare programs and private schools.

The department’s tasks include:

  • Administering the school funding system,
  • Collecting school fiscal and performance data,
  • Developing academic standards and model curricula,
  • Administering the state achievement tests,
  • Issuing district and school report cards,
  • Administering Ohio’s voucher programs,
  • Providing professional development, and
  • Licensing teachers, administrators, treasurers, superintendents and other education personnel.

In the past, the department had been allowed to sponsor charter schools, but state leaders removed that possibility after many of the schools showed poor academic performance and fiscal management. In 2011, the state legislature reinstated that ability, allowing the department to sponsor as many as 20 charter schools per year for the next five years.

The department is governed by the State Board of Education. However, day-to-day administration of the department is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, who is hired by the State Board of Education. The department has a full-time staff of approximately 600.

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