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The Impact of School Nutrition Programs

Until the 1960s, Americans didn’t really have a grasp on the big picture extent of child hunger across America. But as EdWeek reports, it’s still a current problem. Twenty percent of homes with kids are considered food insecure, leaving many to rely on school-provided meal programs.

Yet pockets of child hunger persist America’s understanding of the scale and effects of hunger has grown since President Lyndon B. Johnson established and strengthened many of the country’s food assistance programs 50 years ago.

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Ohio Department of Education Releases Revised Report Cards



The Ohio Department of Education has recalculated report cards in five school districts after correcting for errors resulting from improper data tampering.

More than 100 revisions were made to 2012 and 2013 school report cards in the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Southern Ohio’s Northridge Local school districts.

All four were cited for manipulating – or scrubbing – attendance records in order to discount student test scores that would drag down their schools ratings.

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Ohio Receives nearly $350,000 to Defray AP Exam Costs



Ohio is among 40 states receiving a cut of more than 28 million dollars in federal money to help low income students pay for advanced placement exams.

Students who take AP courses in high school earn college credit if they score well on the exam.  And that can reduce the time and cost required to complete a college degree.

Ohio will get just under $350,000 this year to help reduce the cost of advance placement tests for low income families.

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Surge In Teacher Retirements Means Added Costs, Plus Loss of Experience and Wisdom

Ohio teachers are retiring at their highest rate in years. 7,915 veteran teachers retired at the end of 2013 – a twelve percent increase over 2011. One of the main reasons for the uptick is that many older teachers decided to remain in their jobs through the economic uncertainty that set in with the Great Recession, and now they’re ready to make the move and retire. Discontent with the new Common Core learning standards may also be a factor. The growing retirement pool cost Ohio public schools over $60 million in replacement and recruitment expenses last year.

Your children will see more new faces at the front of their classrooms when schools open this month as veteran teachers continue the race to retirement. The impacts will be many, school officials warn. Former Lakota school parent and veteran school board member Ray Murray worries about what the exodus of veteran teachers means for the students and schools they leave behind.

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NCAA Violates Anti-Trust Rules, Federal Judge Says

By holding back athletes from cashing in on their image, a federal judge has decided the National Collegiate Athletics Association has gone against antitrust laws. The Chronicle of Education reports the decision could allow college athletes at major universities to earn money when their likenesses is used commercially. The Chronicle says the league is expected to overturn the decision.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has violated federal antitrust laws by unreasonably restraining big-time athletes from trading on their images and likenesses, a federal judge ruled Friday. The ruling, which the association is expected to appeal, could give major-college football and basketball players the chance to earn thousands of dollars a year in deferred compensation for the commercial use of their images.

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Ohio Colleges Receive State Money for Improvement Projects

More than $2.71 million dollars was approved by the state controlling board for improvement projects projects at public universities across the state. Kent State was awarded the largest amount to further develop a science lab at their Salem campus, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Improvement projects tallying more than $1.7 million at Kent State University and the University of Akron won approval from the state controlling board on Monday. The projects were part of more than $2.71 million that was cleared for work at colleges and universities around Ohio.

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State School Report Cards’ Release Date Gets Delayed

report card marsmet tallahassee


Bad weather meant cancellations. Cancellations meant the department state officials had to extend the spring testing window, and in turn, that pushed back the issue of statewide school report cards.

Typically, the department issues report cards in August, but this year they won’t be accessible until mid-September.

The reports grade schools on a variety of areas, including graduation rates and literacy scores, which could be helpful information for districts to analyze before the start of a new academic year.

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New Federal Guidelines For Reviewing Standards And Tests Expected

The federal government is getting ready to issue new guidelines for peer review of states’ standards and testing. Peer review had been a requirement since the late 1990s under the federal Elementary and secondary Education Act of 1994, and later under the 2002 No Child Left Behind reauthorization of that law, but was suspended in 2012 because the guidelines were outdated. Peer reviews do not judge standards themselves, but only how well a state’s tests align with its standards. Still, officials worry release of the updated guidelines will spark new protests over federal involvement in state testing.

The U.S. Department of Education is on the verge of releasing the first draft of new guidance on the peer-review process for standards and tests, a document that could exert a powerful influence on how states set academic expectations. Little known outside the assessment world, the process is wonky and technical.

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