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Infographic: Everything You Want to Know About November 2013 School Levy Results

levyinfographicthumbnailThere were nearly 200 school tax issues on the ballot in the November 2013 general election.

Nearly two-thirds of those issues passed — but some kinds of issues were more likely to pass than others.

Check out this infographic to explore the data and trends behind this election’s levy results. And search district-by-district, state-wide levy results here.

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Ohio School Levy Results for Nov. 5, 2013 General Election

voting sticker november 2013

Molly Bloom / StateImpact Ohio

Nearly two-thirds of school tax issues on the Nov. 5 ballot were approved by voters, according to unofficial election results.

Voters rejected most requests to increase taxes by approving new taxes or replacing existing levies.

But voters approved nearly all requests to renew existing tax levies.

That initial pattern is in line with results from recent off-year elections.
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Special Election Results Show One Third of School Levies Approved

Vote sign

Brian Talbot / Flickr

Local voters approved six of 19 school tax issues on the ballot in yesterday’s special election, unofficial election results gathered by the Ohio School Boards Association show.

That approval rate of 32 percent is similar to the results from last August’s special election. About 31 percent of school tax issues passed in the August 2012 special election.

[Click here for Aug. 6, 2013 election results.]

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Grading the Teachers: Teachers in Richer Schools Score Higher on Value-Added Measure

16CGVALUE B.inddValue-added was supposed to be the great equalizer — a measure of schools that would finally judge fairly how much poor students are learning compared with their wealthier peers.

Meant to gauge whether students learn as much as expected in a given year, value-added will become a key part of rating individual teachers from rich and poor districts alike next school year.

But a Plain Dealer/StateImpact Ohio analysis raises questions about how much of an equalizer it truly is, even as the state ramps up its use.

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Grading the Teachers: How Ohio is Measuring Teacher Quality by the Numbers

Forest Park Middle School teacher Maria Plecnik said for her own sanity, she had to leave the teaching profession.

Lynn Ischay / The Plain Dealer

Forest Park Middle School teacher Maria Plecnik said for her own sanity, she plans to leave the teaching profession.

Maria Plecnik is the kind of teacher who gets chills in a 90-degree classroom when she connects with students during the first week of school. She’s the kind who brags about seeing their test scores go up or turning a kid who was always trouble into an “A” student.

In her seven years at Euclid’s Forest Park Middle School, her principal always told her she was doing a good job.

Teaching was her dream job. But this year, her dream faded.
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