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Here’s What Several Education Groups Think about Potential Common Core Repeal

Bill Rice / ideastream A participant’s tshirt at one recent anti-Common Core rally. Many of Ohio’s schools have already incorporated the Common Core, a set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do in math and English at each grade level, into their curriculum. The state’s full implementation of the learning [...]

The Sound of Ideas: Teens and Financial Literacy

In a recent international survey of financial literacy, American 15-year-olds scored average. That score was less than thrilling to financial experts, who say students from the most developed country on the list should have done better. In Ohio, financial literacy is mandated, but no curriculum is specified. Guests on the Sound of Ideas discussed what [...]

Ohio House Republicans Lead New Charge to Repeal Common Core

The Ohio Channel School districts have spent years preparing to implement the education standards known as Common Core — which are set to start this coming school year. Now House Republicans are renewing their efforts to repeal the standards, and the bill could be on the fast track to the House floor. Republican State Rep. [...]

The Sound of Ideas: Building a Better Teacher

Movies are filled with inspiring teachers. Think Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, or Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. These on-screen teachers seem to be blessed with an innate ability to teach. But is it really that simple? Author and journalist Elizabeth Green says the idea of the “natural born teacher” is a myth, but [...]

NEA Conference In Denver To Include Common Core Discussion

The head of Ohio’s largest teacher’s union is in Denver attending the National Education Association’s annual delegates meeting, and issues around the Common Core will be high on the agenda. Three states, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Indiana, have eliminated the standards, and in a fourth – Louisiana -  the governor and state board of education [...]

Straight A Fund’s Governing Board Makes Final Grant Recommendations

The Governing Board of Ohio’s Straight A Fund has selected 34 out of more than 200 finalists to receive competitive funding ranging from a couple of hundred thousand dollars to nearly $15 million. Originally, about 340 schools, school districts and multi-entity partnerships applied for $150 million in the second and final round of Straight A [...]

Twelve Percent of Ohio Third Graders Aren’t Ready For Fourth Grade

wrightbrosfan / Flickr Eighty-eight percent of Ohio kids who took the third grade reading guarantee test passed it, compared to about 63 percent who passed the test last fall. That means 12 percent of the state’s 110,000 third graders haven’t achieved the reading score they needed to move on to fourth grade. John Charlton with [...]

California Tenure Ruling Not Really Applicable In Ohio

This week’s court ruling in California declaring that state’s system of tenure in public schools unconstitutional has fueled speculation that similar actions will be pursued in other states.  But there’s a lot of doubt whether Ohio would be one of them. The group that challenged the law complained that granting tenure essentially guaranteeing a job [...]

Despite Opposition, The Common Core Has A Firm Footing In Ohio

Brad McQueen, a 5th grade public school teacher from Tucson Arizona, has made a personal crusade of denouncing the Common Core. McQueen was a featured speaker at an anti-Common Core rally at the Ohio statehouse last week.  The new standards are meant to raise the bar of student achievement to better prepare kids for the [...]

Three States Are Now Ditching The Common Core

Two additional states have joined Indiana in withdrawing from the Common Core math and English standards. On May 30, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed legislation that calls for new standards, designed independently of the multi-state initiative, to be implemented for the 2015-2016 school year.  And on Thursday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin approved replacing the [...]

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